The Path Less Pedaled

Dear readers,
Some of you may already know but I’m hitting the road! Laura and I are doing what we’ve always dreamed about – a long open-ended bicycle tour. Our apartment is clean our bags are packed and we’re having a farewell party tonight to say goodbye to our friends and family.

Our goal is to travel the world by bicycle, searching for those that are living a life less ordinary. I hope to do portraits and interviews and put them on our site We’re going to document our own travels and transformations as well. I’ve got a nifty new iPhone so expect lots of photo and video updates.

I will still post occasionally for BC along the way, whenever I see anything bike commuter related but it may be pretty infrequent.

So thank you again for reading my posts and all your comments!

All the best,

I’ve enjoyed blogging for BC immensely, especially all the interactions in the comments.


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  2. Iron Man

    Bon Voyage! I’ll miss your posts and photos…here at least. I’ll be sure to follow you on the other site. You’ll both be in my prayers for a safe and successful journey.

  3. Ghost Rider

    Godspeed you and keep you safe, Russ and Laura. We’ll miss you around here…but will eagerly follow your on-the-road postings.

  4. RL

    Man o man…you guys are really doing it! Congrats! I’m sure it will be exciting and fun. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures.


  5. wade G.

    I jealous! If only I could. Come see us in Mississippi. We are very hospitable.

  6. db

    Best wishes to you guys for a safe journey.

  7. Kelly

    Have a great adventure!

  8. Tom

    Be safe! man I am jealous looks like you guys are going to have alot of fun/suffering look forward to hearing the stories and pics!

  9. Elizabeth

    Wow! What an awesome opportunity! If you come through Chicago, look me up! 😉

  10. Patrick

    Sweet! Have a great time and if you’re in Chicago send me an email and the dinner and beers will be on us!
    Here’s to safe travels & great adventure!

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