The Need For Speed

Hot from the KONAWORLD comes this press release announcing the 7th video in a series providing consumers some insight into the people behind the bikes at Kona.  These are actually some pretty interesting videos that are more than just commercials for Kona.  Watch out for an upcoming review on the Kona Sutra!

Take A Step Into The World Of Kona’s Product Manager Pat White In The 7th Episode Of Kona’s Dr Dew Files: Fast Pat

KONAWORLD (July 30, 2009) – There can’t be too many bike companies that have a product manager as speed addicted as Pat White, the guy in charge of making sure Kona’s bikes rip, and rip real good.

In the 7th episode of The Dr. Dew Files: Fast Pat, the good doctor catches up with Pat on his home turf, and let’s his riding do most of the talking. Produced by the talented folks at Freeride Entertainment, you check out the Fast Pat vid at, as well as HERE.

Based at the Kona USA headquarters in Ferndale, Washington, Pat rides it all, all the time. Whether it’s commuting to work on his custom 29er Unit, blazing road on his Haole, or shredding sweet Pacific Northwest trails on his CoilAir, Pat’s riding skills speak for themselves. And if you don’t believe us, go check out the guy’s trophy case – mega.

If that isn’t enough street cred for you, Pat takes it to the next level as an accomplished motocross rider (he’s raced the Baja 1000) and a track motorcycle instructor, where he teaches other speed addicts how to go 180 MPH.

It’s a personal addiction that carries big knowledge and experience into every Kona bike. Cornering, jumping, pumping and accelerating, Pat knows what’s required to make a speedy ride-across cycling’s entire spectrum.

For the complete collection of Dr. Dew Files episodes hit: and browse all our rigs at

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