Chicks dig cars…

Growing up in the 80’s, I was privileged with many great shows that involved vehicles. My favorite was Knight Rider. We all know that every woman Michael Knight met was really into KITT.

As an adult, if a single man were to say to a woman that he doesn’t have a car, in many times, that fella’s chances of getting a date with the girl diminishes. I guess that all depends in the area they live in. I know in Orange County, Ca. (very superficial), being car-less is almost as bad as being poor. I’m sure some of the single guys in OC can attest that when they are trying to hook up with a chick, they’ll often hear, “so what kind of car do you drive?”

This brings me to the point that I wanted to make. If you’re a single dude or a girl that wants to live car-free and trying to mingle in the dating scene, does not having a car lessen your chances in getting a date? Or does it weed out superficial men/women?

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