Chicks dig cars…

Growing up in the 80’s, I was privileged with many great shows that involved vehicles. My favorite was Knight Rider. We all know that every woman Michael Knight met was really into KITT.

As an adult, if a single man were to say to a woman that he doesn’t have a car, in many times, that fella’s chances of getting a date with the girl diminishes. I guess that all depends in the area they live in. I know in Orange County, Ca. (very superficial), being car-less is almost as bad as being poor. I’m sure some of the single guys in OC can attest that when they are trying to hook up with a chick, they’ll often hear, “so what kind of car do you drive?”

This brings me to the point that I wanted to make. If you’re a single dude or a girl that wants to live car-free and trying to mingle in the dating scene, does not having a car lessen your chances in getting a date? Or does it weed out superficial men/women?


  1. chiggins

    Depends where y’are. If you read BikeSnobNYC (which I’m sure ya do), about half his posts involve an craigslist missed connection post where someone saw someone else on a bike and wants to hook up. And I think if you’re a bike enthusiast in Santa Monica / West LA, or Silverlake and Los Feliz, there’s a pretty thriving community there.

    That’s kinda the deciding factor, right? If there’s a community of folks that ride as their primary form of transport, let’s call it “The Sea”, then there’s more fish in it, right?

  2. JeffS

    It’s not all just superficial. Combine the mating instinct with the image society has created of the successful man and it’s somewhat understandable.

  3. Ghost Rider

    Any woman who judges a man based on the car he drives isn’t worth dating in the first place.

  4. r.

    Well, it depends. If the standard is set that the person is a productive member of society, cool please ask me out. I think it’d be awesome to find someone whose game for riding to a restaurant/movie instead of driving.

    There are some cyclists, in my fair city of Memphis, TN who use my favorite transit to be superior to me. They flip me the bird when they run a stop sign in my neighborhood, etc. while I’m driving. I am an avid supporter of the philosophy “be nice or leave.” If there were less mean men on bicycles, then maybe more chicks would let y’all ask us out.

    It’s all about give and take.

  5. Paul

    Here in Austin I dated a woman cyclist who owned several bikes and a minivan. When we first started seeing each other, myself being carless wasn’t a issue at first… then she started make fun of some past relationship, to her friend, about some guy who didn’t have a car and being such a loser, etc. then she remembered that I WAS SITTING NEXT TO HER, she told me at least I had a JOB!? I dumped her faster than a featherweight carbon $$$$$ road bike flying down a Alpine summit highway!! I’ve been both dateless and carless ever since…

  6. Mike Myers

    The type of women I date would not be cool with me not having a car.

    Women here won’t even ride in your car if you don’t have air conditioning, much less ride a bike on a date. Of course, when it’s 90 degrees and higher that’s understandable. Women spend too much time on their appearance(makeup, hair, clothes) to get all sweaty on a date. Getting sweaty is for the end of the date lol!

  7. Kaitlin

    I’m a woman and I haven’t had a car for about 3 1/2 years. I don’t know if it hurt my chances dating. Perhaps. I’m guessing guys were concerned that they would end up being my chauffeur. Turns out that I met a great guy who had just sold his car and loves public transit as much as I do. He’s the one who got me to bike commute more regularily than I had been. So, I suppose it depends upon the type of lifestyle you want. He doesn’t see the need to own a car in the city and neither do I. We aren’t into status symbols or the status quo, so we get along quite well. (It is going to make my impending move into his place interesting though….)

  8. Blakcloud

    Not having a car certainly was a hindrance when I was in the dating scene up to a year and a half ago. It wasn’t the fact that we actually needed the car to get where we were going, but the car actually meant something else. The car itself is a proxy for stability, resource acquisition and what ever else you can think of. I can understand why the women felt this way but I wanted to find someone who felt different about cars like I did. How much it hurt is up for debate but I can honestly say it certainly didn’t help me. I never got “that’s great you aren’t adding to your carbon footprint”.

  9. Kaitlin


    I certainly wouldn’t give up hope. And if you feel strongly about not having a car and you don’t feel that it symbolizes all of those things, then you probably wouldn’t get along with someone who doesn’t see things similarly.

    To me, a car doesn’t symbolize any of those things. Unless a car is paid for in cash, it just symbolizes car debt to me. I don’t think cars are evil and I definitely need to borrow one from time to time. But I can also be resourceful with other means of transportation. My boyfriend is very stable and responsible. Car ownership just wasn’t right for either of us.

  10. Tony Bullard

    “I’m sure some of the single guys in OC can attest that when they are trying to hook up with a chick, they’ll often hear, “so what kind of car do you drive?””

    Ouch really? So glad I’m married. That would be a really quick way for me to tell I didn’t want to date that girl.

  11. Sungsu

    I didn’t own a car (and still don’t technically) when I met my wife. We walked or rode transit or taxis on most of our dates.

  12. Paul Souders

    I guess it depends on where you live and what kind of people you want to meet.

    I was not *technically* carless when I met my wife (six years ago). My car was a ’90 civic with moss growing on the sides, no seatback on the driver’s side, and expired plates. I re-parked it every two or three weeks to avoid having it towed as “abandoned;” the only time that car ever moved at all. Anyway easier just to tell women I didn’t have a car at all.

    I was doing great with dating frankly. I just asked women out and whaddya know they went. Sometimes they drove, sometimes we met at the venue, sometimes we rode bikes or the bus together. I’m not exactly George Clooney: five-foot-six, bald, divorced … I guess confidence counts for a lot.

    My now-wife and I were neighbors and we lived in a fun and densely walkable neighborhood (northwest Portland), so transportation was not an issue.

    She first snared me with this line (as we were both entering the building with our bikes): “Hey do you know any good rides around here?” A little while later I just knocked on her door and asked her out for a drink.

    Six years, one dog, and one awesome kid later … hey we still ride bikes together. Although we did buy a car.

  13. Abhishek

    Being car free weeds out the superficials with ultra-mega-efficiency, especially in Jack-sprawl-ville FL! Leads to less time and way way less money wastage towards dead end dates.

  14. Daniel

    First of all, since when is there a critical shortage of chicks? It’s not like you are some massive whale skimming for plankton. It’s quality you want. And not having a car means you are comfortably under the radar of some daft, absent hussy. That’s a good thing. It saves both of you lots of time and grief. She can immediately move on to some douche in a white Escalade, and you are free to focus your efforts on the cool, smart chicks.

  15. A

    I think if you can get everywhere you need to go, and do everything you need to do without a car, you rock. I think it’s hot.

    And I’m a chick.

  16. RL

    Um, you guys that are single, you should really try hard and woo “A”, she’s a chick and thinks its hot to be car-less

  17. Karen

    Well, I am still newly married but in terms of the car question, I just knew I could never date someone who drove a Hummer or some other monsterously large SUV. But I think the issue of having a car period might have depend on where one lives. Most American cities are designed to cater to cars. I would mostly want to know being carless was a choice and not the result of a drawer full of DUIs. I’ve never been attracted to a man because of his car. Cars just don’t mean anything to me.

  18. Priscilla

    I’ll take a bicycling man with rock hard calves and glutes of steel over a car any day. ;D

  19. Quinn

    I have been car-free for about 3 years now, and have managed about 1 date a year, But there are a couple different factors,
    1. my Spina bifida, plays a part in physical attraction.
    2. my Very independant mind-set, people think “poor guy, he has to ride a bike because he can’t afford a car, because of his disability”, when really I have 4 Good quality bikes, so I can go anywhere I want, on a bike.
    3. there are the women that are totally un-interested and/or think IM one of the bums riding around on an old, busted huffy.

  20. Iron Man

    Just subtly rent movies that show bike commuters in a positive light. The Incredible Hulk (Eric Bana), City of Angels (Meg Ryan), Quicksilver (Kevin Bacon). Then steer the conversation by saying “Wouldn’t it be so freeing to ride a bike everywhere and not worry about the expenses and hassles of a car?” 🙂

    Honestly it comes down to relationship. If you are in a scene where folks are making snap judgments (say a bar or club) then the bike might hold you back. But if you are going after someone that you have relationship with (friends, coworkers, classmates, etc), then they should already know that the bike thing is a choice that has nothing to do with lack of finances or work ethic.

  21. Dottie

    I like to think that my husband not having a car is extra insurance. If he ever starts to get tired of me, well, good luck finding another woman who would be happy to live car free and cycle everywhere, buddy 🙂

  22. BikeWhenYouCan

    Chicks are baby chickens and if they like cars, they’re road-kill. Men who think they need a car to attract women need to figure if they want a sexual partner or a life partner that’s a good match. If they like chicks, maybe they have a thought disorder and think they’re supposed to be roosters. You can take things further, but I’m not going there!

    I’m grateful my spouse loves me as I am and didn’t really care that I drove a Honda Civic when we met. I’m grateful we both bike when we can.

  23. Grube

    I have to agree with many of the upbeat people, it definitely makes choosing a little easier. I landed Ms. Right while I was in the process of selling my car, she truly likes the ideas behind choosing to live car free or car lite, and respects me for upholding them. And she absolutely adores me physically. Even if you’re still looking for the naive and superficial chicks (not everyone is meant to keep around), IF you’re in shape, just wear your lycra for a day!

  24. Elisa M

    I will admit that before I got a bike and loved it, when a guy would say he didn’t have a car, I would think “well shit, now I have to drive everywhere!”. As I no longer have a car, I would love to ride side by side…although in the summer that means arriving sweating in your dress. As long as the dude is ok with that, it is no problem for me. In fact, I think it is kind of sexy. However, in my neck of the woods, I am in the minority!

  25. Boon

    Yesss… It’s a great weed-killer for the unwanted weeds in the great dying garden we live in.

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