Bicycle Posters?

Many of us who are passionate about bicycles often collect bike-related items in addition to the bikes themselves. One bikey-themed item that can be pretty cool is the bicycle poster (I like vintage repros myself). What better way to beautify your workshop, man-cave or living room than with a stunning bicycle poster?

Our friend Andreas over at London Cyclist let us know about a project he’s been working on:

I just put together a quick post (Actually it took forever!) on Bicycle posters and wondered if you or your readers had any recommendations that I could add to it? Hoping this list will be useful to anyone looking for cool bicycle posters – theres a lot out there and only a few of them are really good.

Here is the London Cyclist roundup of poster sources.


I’ll kick this thing off by including one of my favorite sources for vintage reproductions. It’s a place called “Vintage Arte House”. Click here for their listings using the keyword search “bicycle”.

If any of you have other sources not represented by Andreas in his article, please leave comments below.


  1. Andreas

    Thanks for link up! Will add your suggestion to the post now!

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