Preview: Guess who’s coming to dinner!

So the delivery man had a present for me…

Watch for an upcoming in-depth review of the 2009 Kona Sutra!


  1. Wayne Myer

    I’ve been using mine as a commuter, but it’s overkill unless I have a lot to carry. It’s even too much bike for doing the week’s shopping. But it’s pretty much an out-of-the-box continent eater.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

  2. Elizabeth

    Oooh… can’t wait to hear the review! Looks awesome.

  3. Marrock

    Dammit, they sent my bike to your house…

    I’d appreciate it if you’d box it back up and send it along to me, thanks.

  4. David

    Dang it! I knew I couldn’t be so lucky!

  5. The Punisher

    I hope the bike is better than the beer!

  6. Powerful Pete

    Ooohhhh. Please review it soon! I commute on a Jake the Snake and love it. Overkill, but it makes my commute that much more fun!

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