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Inspired by a recent post by our lovely friends over at Let’s Go Ride a Bike, I thought it would be cool to give our readers a “behind the scenes” glimpse into What’s it like to be a highly-unpaid bicycle blogger with tens, if not dozens, of readers and the attendant fame that comes from these wondrous Interpipes? Now’s your chance to see!

Much like Dottie at LGRAB, Elizabeth “gets her muse on” by having a cuddly assistant to help inspire her while she crafts articles for


Noah likes to keep things real…if he’s not on the bus or elsewhere on the road, he conducts his business here:


I have a cuddly assistant, too — seems to be a recurring theme among bicycle bloggers. Mine demands laptime, and he weighs close to 20 lbs., so there’s no arguing with Lemmy (yes, he WAS named after the singer from Motörhead):


RL takes a different approach to the workspace. In addition to his roles as writer and mastermind behind many aspects of, he also manages a winning racing team. While the team is out practicing or racing, RL likes to catch up on business. He’s got a pretty sweet office with a view:


Moe’s personal assistants and security staff wouldn’t permit us to take photographs of his workspace, just in case you’re wondering why we didn’t show him “working his magic”.

It’s a glamourous, fast-paced life we lead here at, but we love every minute of it. Hope you enjoyed this quick “behind the scenes” tour!


  1. trisha

    needless to say — I love it! Funny how many bike people are also cat people.

  2. meligrosa

    lovely lovely, Im loving these, can we start an official blogger-cat lovers group please!?

  3. Anna

    i love my cat too! Sylvia (Poggioli) is a dream.

  4. gwadzilla

    no cat lover here.

    the bike culture is a diverse culture

    of course some of them would be cat people

  5. RL

    wow, little did I know that the magic from the other writers were helped by the use of Dell PC’s…

  6. Raiyn

    +2 (formerly 3) furballs.
    We had a loss recently.

  7. MarkEasthill

    favorite cat growing up was my black Siamese, named Sambo. Sam was a big lanky Tom, never around for more than 3 days at a time, very wild. When he did come back home, his favorite food was tender vittles…

  8. Powerful Pete

    Nope, not a cat lover, as the wife and daughters are allergic.

    But hey, I do love bikes and commute to work on my trusty steed, so I guess we do have something in common? 😉

  9. Ghost Rider

    The funny thing is that I’m what you might call a “cat liker”…although I’ve had a variety of cats most of my adult life (I’m a librarian, after all…we’re notorious catpeople), I’m more of a dog person, but my doggie doesn’t sit on my lap too much.

    Let’s share some dog love, too:

  10. Marrock

    My affection for cats depends entirely on how they’re cooked…

    Now if you want to talk ferrets, I will admit to a grudging affection for them and as soon as I can finagle some apartment space for the cage I intend to get one.

  11. Henrik

    I have noted that many bike people are also coffee people. You know, espresso aficionados.

  12. 100 pounds ago

    Who would win a fight between Lemmy and God?

    Trick question, Lemmy is God!

  13. Ghost Rider

    100 Lbs ago…you get cooler by the minute!

    @Henrik — I don’t know about “aficionado”, but I do love me some espresso and pretty much every other version of coffee/coffee drinks. RL’s a big fan of java, too.

    Perhaps the biggest coffee/bike fan I know is our friend Meli at “Bikes in the City” (link on our blogroll).

  14. Errin

    @RL- What type of trailer is that? I would like to take my 12lb dog Boon along with me on some adventures. I’m trying to find a good option for him.

  15. Elizabeth

    @Raiyn – sorry to hear of your loss. If you seek a third kitty… my cousin is trying to find a home for her 9-mo-old white kitty…

    I’m a huge coffee fan! A cup of coffee with a shot or two of espresso – mmm…. In fact, I could use a coffee boost now.

  16. Raiyn

    Thank you Elizabeth, (That’s my better half’s name as well) but we need to take some time before bringing in the next furball. We just need some time to reflect, heal, and pay off the vet bills – his was a sudden and catastrophic illness. Also there’s a distance issue with you being in Chicago and us in St. Petersburg, FL (not sure where you cousin is)

    That said, when the time comes, we’d be looking for a talkative adult male Maine Coon that we’d be able to meet first. Probably through a rescue or shelter as we’re not big on kitty mills.

  17. Raiyn

    @ Ghost
    If you’d like to get your hands on some great espresso try Old World Espresso Blend from No Name Java over on Central here in St. Pete. $9.25/lb for some super glossy on-site roasted beans. They also sell at the Saturday Morning Market (again St. Pete).

  18. RL

    That trailer was called the Cycletote. It is handmade by some fella in Colorado. All Aluminum construction, very durable yet light weight!

  19. Elizabeth

    Anyone think our cats would tolerate such a contraption to go on rides?

  20. Ghost Rider

    I brought my other cat to the vet in a similar carrier…fit right into an Xtracycle pocket. Puff did NOT like riding on a bike.

  21. Dottie

    Great behind-the-scenes pictures! Love all the cats. I have not one, not two, but three cats! I also love espresso 🙂

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