Red Your Dead-Masher: Preview

This beautiful bike just came in yesterday. It’s called the Masher by Red Your Dead. Not sure what the name means, but RYD designed the Masher as a durable, trick track bike. You’ll notice something different about the Masher, the front wheel is a 650 and the rear is a 700. Already I found that I am not experiencing toe over-lap with this bike, that’s a good thing.

RYD masher

White drive train is HOT!
RYD masher

Beautiful sleek, steel frame. 4130 Full Chromo to be exact.
RYD masher

Deep V style wheels wrapped in Kenda Koncept Lite.

Quando front and rear hubs.
ryd masher

16t fixed hub.

A true fixie- No Brakes!

Clean weld jobs.

I test rode the Masher last night and found it to be uber smooth. So this morning I decided to ride it to work. Everyone at the office were pretty impressed with the looks and style of the bike
ryd masher

I’ll be reviewing this bike in the coming weeks, so check for a full report. In the mean time, check out Red Your Dead‘s website.


  1. Matt

    It looks just slightly too much like a ghost bike…

  2. RL Policar (Post author)

    I thought that too at first, but White is the hottest color right now in the bike industry.

  3. Powerful Pete

    I am all for white bikes (heck, I ride a white R3) but this is a bit much. As Matt said, really a ghost bike…

  4. RYD

    It looks like a ghost bike true. But with the red and black accents I would have to say its not EXACTLY like it. RED YOU R DEAD……Watch out for those yellow lights ryders

  5. Mad Mike

    I was on the fence when I first saw the bike but my friend purchased one and I took if for a spin. Rode really smooth and extremely light. I bought one from the site and had it custom powder coated flat black. Looks sick. I spoke to one of the shop guys there and they said that the next style coming out will be a collaboration with a major brand.

  6. 100poundsago

    It could be the raddest bike in the world…I just cant get behind the all white. I mean where in the world would I put my Misfits stickers? Now if it was flat black…that would be MONEY!

  7. Ghost Rider

    Misfits stickers!!!! Hell yes!

  8. Ghost Rider

    So, “Red Your Dead” means “Red You Are Dead”. I ain’t cool with riding around on a glaring grammatical error. Make the “R” red, then, too.

  9. Ghost Rider

    The other R, that is…like so:

    Y R

  10. RL

    Couldn’t you just get black misfits stickers?

  11. 100poundsago


    My point was my Misfits stickers would totally stand out on such stark whiteness. Not to mention I have an actual allergy to white…I can provide documentation of this rare yet amusing disorder upon request.

  12. RYD

    Ghost Rider – It’s pronouncd RED YOU R DEAD.

    Look at the site. R is spaced

  13. NeR

    Hey RL, That’s a nice and clean bike! I got my Fixed Gear last month don’t know if you ever heard about tommaso bicycles.?. Its tommaso augusta the name of my bike. Since i got it, I used to ride from corona to santa ana and i love it!. Love to see the coming review but that bike is sick!!

  14. RL Policar (Post author)

    Dang Jack,

    You and your words/letters fetish…give the guy a break. I don’t recall you complaining about SRAM…what the hell does that word even mean, let along the pronunciation of it!

    Is it S-RAM or SCHRAM, or SRAhm, it could even be SsssRam.

  15. Ghost Rider

    SRAM is an acronym…and acronyms, annoying as they are, are immune from conventional English grammar rules.

  16. 100poundsago

    Crying out lout Ghost Rider you had to point out it was an acronym? Now he will want to know why its not S.R.A.M.

  17. Ken Sturrock

    Since SRAM doesn’t form an actual word then it’s not an acronym – just a mere abbreviation.

  18. Ghost Rider

    An abbreviation of what? Based on the conventional definition of “acronym”, this qualifies IF the letters stand for something (although technically it could be considered ‘initialism’).

    Now, back to “English Nerds on Bicycles”…we are so lame.

  19. RL

    Aye…let it go…buncha nerds you are. Jk….

    On a serious note, I’ve really been enjoying the RYD Masher. It’s a smooth ride and Priscilla loves the looks of it. My kids call it the Candy Cane Bike.

  20. Mike Myers

    Stupid name. There is a space between the you and the R on the website, but not on the headtube. (edited — Ghost Rider)

  21. Michael

    What’s with the Mary Poppin’s handlebars? Is it suppose to be a street cruiser or do they now have an “upright” category for the velodromer’s?

  22. Ghost Rider

    Look, everyone…criticism of our writing, news items we present and the products we review is A-OK around here…provided that there’s at least SOME constructive nature behind those comments.

    Out and out name-calling and bashing for meanness’ sake is not kosher.

    We certainly don’t take censoring our readers’ comments lightly, and this thread has devolved into something rather unpleasant. Don’t worry, I’m as much to blame as anyone in this respect. Because of this devolution, I’m temporarily locking comments on this article until we can all take a deep breath and come back with something worthwhile rather than spiteful and mean.

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