Please Vote For Our Friend Derek Pearson

Longtime reader and friend of Derek Pearson wrote in to ask for our help…he’s been nominated as one of the top photographers in western Washington, and in order to “seal the deal”, he needs us to vote for him!

Derek is a champion of the Xtracycle platform…with a garage full of Xtra cruisers tricked out with all manner of Down Low Glow lights, longboard decks and other goodies. You may remember him from the photography/cycling blog “Bike Rubbish” (now defunct, but may return) which was a mainstay on our blogroll for a long time.

Anyhow, please visit the Best of Western Washington voting area and vote for Derek. A simple registration with valid email address is required, but the process takes about 30 seconds.

And now for a little taste of Derek’s work…and fleet of lovely ladies on bicycles:

ladies night
(Click here for a bigger version)

Thanks in advance…Derek deserves this! Also, please check out Derek’s online portfolios at his site Derek Pearson Photography.

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  1. Mark

    Hi Jack,

    There are not too many sights more wonderful than a strong, happy woman on a cargo bicycle! What a great photo.

    In the early nineties I published a mag called In Traffic, The Metro Cycling Journal, covering NYC and environs. One of my favorite covers was of a woman riding a bicycle with a huge cargo bin through a spring market in the city.

    As you know, my current blog is not cycling-specific, but today I have a post, Pack Mule, that might be of interest to your readers. For a look at my old cycling website, click on the Schwinn Suburban link.

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