Interbike 2009: Pin Head Products


  1. Rob E.

    I would love to hear an evaluation of Pinhead locks. Unfortunately I seem to remember them pushing the same stuff at Interbike last year, and I don’t remember it ever gaining any traction, and I guess that could be because even though their Bubble lock is “new at Interbike this year,” it was mentioned last year, too as a coming soon item. Their website still lists the Bubble Lock as coming late in ’08, and on-line vendors don’t seem to have it in stock. I’d love to hear a review from someone who has this, but I guess it’s a moot point if they’re not actually available anywhere.

  2. RL

    Rob E.

    Steve mentioned to us after the taping that GT started carrying the Pinheads on some of their commuter bikes as a standard accessory.

  3. Rob E.

    That’s good to know. That means someone may soon have some actual experience with them to report back on. I’m most curious, though, about the Bubble Lock and the one key that works the lock and the other accessories. Since the lock has been “coming soon” since last Interbike, and still seems unavailable, I’m guessing that it’s the skewers and seatpost bolts that GT is using. Or else they bought up all available stock, and that’s why no one else can get their hands on the Bubble Lock.

  4. Elizabeth

    RL – definitely need to review this product! 😉

  5. jimmythefly

    I’ve got the skewers/seatpost/headset pinhead set. Nothing has been stolen yet, and this includes 2 years of parking all day at the exact same rack in downtown Seattle. (Nice bike, nice wheels, Thomson stem and post, Brooks saddle – decent targets).

    My set only came with one key, but you can order another so you have a backup. A battery powered angle grinder could defeat the skewers. It’d probably F up the stem and seatpost area of the frame, though.

  6. Mazelscoff

    The Pinheads are easy to use and convenient, unless you lose the key. Unfortunately, they can be easily opened using a simple tool available for $10 at Home Depot, the universal socket from Gator Grips. They are still good to use to protect against casual passerbys yanking your wheel, but a dedicated thief might have the universal socket in his toolkit and be off with your wheels in 10 seconds.

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