Interbike 2009:Urbana Bikes

Urbana Bikes out of Canada was featuring their new bikes.


  1. Jack

    Nice Bikes,easy to get on and off if you have a Heavy Load on the Carrier due to the Step Through Design. Could do with a Hub Dynamo for Nightime. Why is it that a lot of Manufacturers do not Produce Bikes with Hub Dynamo’s.Do they not think you do not use a Bike at Night. It is mostly European Bikes that have these. Any time you go to use a Bike at Night the Lamp invariably Needs New Batteries due to it being Dim and ready to go out.

    It could also do with a Front Carrier for carrying Stuff or even a Basket,otherwise it is a good City Bike.

  2. Ghost Rider

    What, no “splash screen” to start the videos? I am APPALLED.

    That’s got to be the very first time I’ve heard a rear rack described as “laterally stiff”.

  3. Jack

    I forgot to mention it needs a Chain Guard and also a Coat or Skirt Guard to keep the Mud from going on the Business Suit. It could also do with a decent Transport Style Kick Stand instead of the Flimsy one Leg Type on it. If you come out of the Supermarket and put your Shopping on the Carrier/s front and rear you need a Strong Stand to hold up the Bike from Wobbling over.

    I hope the Bikes are made of good Quality Steel and not Flimsy Material that Rusts to bits after awhile.

  4. Graham

    Jack, what flimsy materials would you make it out of that would rust? Al doesn’t rust and I don’t anyone that makes bikes out of iron. 🙂

  5. Elizabeth

    Needs a Bikecommuters review….

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