Street Wrapz-Interbike 2009

Greetings from Vegas. We’re at Interbike 2009 and here’s the first posting of the day.

First up, Street Wrapz. It’s a vinyl wrap with over 50 designs to choose from.


  1. Ghost Rider

    I LOVE that harlequin/argyle wrap in the first photo!

  2. Raiyn

    I just can’t get behind something like this. It’s a disposable plastic wrap aimed at hipster dorks. I highly doubt it’s recyclable and they expect people to treat it like some sort of “graphic of the month” thing? PHOOEY!

    For the record, I hate it when they wrap cars too.

  3. Carl

    Just in case if people aren’t aware, the price of a single coat of powder coating and the prep work isn’t much more expensive than this product, which is ridiculous. I can understand the reflective wrap from 3M or other companies like that for safety, but I guess that’s why I’m not “hip”.

  4. RL Policar (Post author)

    What is it with you commuters that hate “hipsters” or “fixie” people…it seriously is lame. We’re all on bikes, and that what should matter…

  5. Raiyn

    @ RL
    <The following is my opinion and not that of, it’s owners, advertisers, agents or associated sites)
    To me “hipsters” view bikes as part of their faddish image, not as practical transportation beyond the local coffee house or poetry slam. Not that they’d really want to ride further – what with their uber skinny leg girl jeans and crazy narrow handlebars. For too long they’ve been a negative influence on how non-bike people view all cyclists – particularly in their flippant attitude towards traffic laws and lack of basic common sense about safety. These people don’t turn into practical cyclists – they go buy a car.

  6. rusty

    Why does everyone hate fixed gears? What makes them soo bad. Everyone I know have been riding for years and is fully committed to their bike and love them like everyone else loves their road bike or trial bikes and do spend a lot of time getting them just right. And ride up and down the cost not to the poetry slam if they still have thoes and so what if the bikes bars are smaller then the normal drops everyone has. Really going to complain about skinny jeans when all avid riders where tight spandex, ok? some to some people they are indeed fads but fuck them open your minds bikes are for everyone and just cause u have a pricey 10 speed/road/time trial bike think ur better? Wtf get off your high horse and just to point out fixed gears are made for tight spots and jaming through traffic not riding up and down the streets

  7. Ghost Rider

    No one here hates fixed gear bikes…but many of us object to the use of such a bike as a fashion accessory rather than a transportation mode.

    It ain’t a purse, it’s a conveyance.

  8. Carl

    I don’t hate fixed gears either, it’s more of the people that ride them. That fad is slowly starting to catch on in my city and it’s pretty annoying. While I don’t always obey traffic laws, I don’t recklessly disregard them, I don’t blow through red lights, I may go through them after I’ve checked that it’s clear. But a few days ago I was sitting at a red light and some punk just whizzed right past me and caused a car to swerve and hit a parked car, and the punk just kept going. I went over to check if the driver was ok, and she proceeded to scream at me about traffic laws, until she realized that I wasn’t the douchebag that caused her to wreck. It definitely puts off a bad tone for the cyclists that do things correctly. I may be stereotyping, but most of the “hipsters on fixies” that I’ve came across have a blatant disregard for other traffic and have little general courtesy. And when you feel such a need to make your bike look cool with decals, stickers, putting shit in your spokes, and “chopping” your bars so short you lose most stability, you should probably leave that thing hanging somewhere. And one thing that I never understood about cutting bars so narrow, is that no matter how much you cut off of your bars, if you’re wider than your bars, then it doesn’t provide any benefit. I also manage to get my “expensive 10 speed/road bike” through traffic rather efficiently with my drop bars and variable gear ratios.

  9. Clancy

    Cool idea. Dunno if I could have argyle or Cheetah printed bike. I am guessing is for the Hipster who is not mechanically inclined (most of them). No need to take the bike apart and paint.

  10. Raiyn

    @ Carl
    Good to see someone understands.

    @ rusty
    Dude, untwist your knickers.

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