Interbike 2009: Cygolite Milion 200

Andrew Ibanez shows off the new light from Cygolite.


  1. Jack

    Not bad,I would rather have a Dynamo .A Hub Dynamo is Best but I would not mind a Bottle Dynamo. Do it right first time Produce Hub Dynamo’s and Experiment to make them gradually Lighter for the Speed Freaks. Using Batteries all the time is a nuisance even if they are Rechargeable,you are always Fretting that there is not enough Power left in them.

  2. Kermit

    The appeal of a battery light though is that it can be used on many bikes not just one with a dynamo. I commute year round and race a 12 hour mountain bike race every year and I can just swap my lights without having to buy 2 seperate sets.

  3. Jack

    Two of my Bikes have Dynamo’s The Dutch one with a Hub Dynamo and the Brompton with a Bottle Dynamo. They are great all you do is Hop on the Bike ,turn on the Light and away you go. While with my Raleigh I have to make sure there is enough Power in the Batteries. I use the Raleigh for Long Rides in the Countryside because it is Light and fairly fast and has Puncture Resistant Tyres. I would love to get a Touring Bike with a Hub Dynamo eventually. Although I am beginning to fall in Love with Road Bikes. Dublin Ireland.

  4. Larey

    Yeah, but hubs aside, 200 L in a USB rechargeable light is pretty nice.

  5. Stephen S

    This is going on my Christmas Wish List. Thanks for the coverage of this!

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