Interbike 2009: Princetontec PUSH

New light from Princetontec, its called PUSH.


  1. Powerful Pete

    Doesn’t look like a bad light. I guess a lot will come down to how it’s priced. Also, the side lighting seems to be a bit of a gimmick… I would expect that you would want more light visible on either side…

  2. Canadian in Jersey

    Just bought this light as a backup and visibility flasher. I ride at night with a helmet mounted 450 lumen light, and the Push on the handlebars as a flasher. I have used the Push as the primary light, as well. For the price, this is an amazing light. It is bright enough for commuting in the dark, even on unlighted country roads, and works beautifully as a flasher for long-distance visibility for oncoming traffic. The flashing red sidelights are interesting, but I’m not sure how visible they are at a distance. I’ve not found any other light this bright at this price. An excellent buy, but I won’t give up the brighter helmet mounted light.

  3. Neil Crumpton

    Broke after 5 days. I’ll start by stating that this is a great compact, light, and bright light. Unfortunately it has a huge design flaw. The bulb case is metal and attaches to a plastic battery case. My light came off after I went over a pothole – the light hit the ground and the plastic seal snapped off making the thing inoperable. Buyer beware – great if you have smooth roads, but consider a better fastened light if your ride is on uneven roads.

  4. RL

    Sorry that your light broke. But I rode my cyclocross bike through mountain bike trails with the light and it never fell off.

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