Interbike 2009: Torker Bicycles and Redline Bicycles

Torker Graduate
torker graduate

Drum brakes actuated by Avid Disc Levers…no more anemic drum brakes from yester-year.

Redline Urbis


  1. Ghost Rider

    Yay! SA drums rather than those wheezy Shimano numbers!!!

    I like the Urbis…disc front is pretty rockin’. I guess that’s their new “fixie freestyle” model, eh?

  2. Raiyn

    No love for the Conquest Classic?

  3. jdmitch

    Did anyone else catch the MSRP on that Torker? $500 is a heck of a deal for that.

  4. Powerful Pete

    Me likey the Redline. Nice lookin’ ride.

  5. cafn8

    $500 is quite a deal for the Graduate. I did a double take. The only downside would be having Mrs Robinson going through my head every time I bring it out to ride.

  6. VO2 Max Called

    Anyone else notice how hard that guy was breathing while talking about the bikes? Someone needs to stop selling bikes and start riding them.

    That aside, the Torker seems like a great deal and is highly functional. The Redline looks like a cheap bmx/fixie hybrid that someone constructed in their garage.

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