Interbike 2009: KHS Bicycles Commuter Bikes


  1. Ghost Rider

    Blue and gold…so pimp!

    Mixte frames are hot this year…everyone’s doing it. Nice to see!

  2. Murali

    It stupid to keep calling the mixte a “ladies frame”. There is nothing gender-specific about that frame style. A “ladies” frame should just have different proportions that suit women better.

  3. stupid?

    why would it be stupid when the “bike industry” calls it a “mixte frame.” Sounds like your personal opinion is WAY off from what the actual standard is.

  4. Dean Peddle

    $349 for a complete bike!!! I can’t even build a set of wheels for $349. That is sweet. Bike number 7 may be coming !!!!

  5. Murali

    You misunderstood my statement. A “mixte” is not a “ladies frame”. A “mixte” is perfectly suited to both men and women.

  6. Ghost Rider

    Murali…I tend to agree with you but even the late great Sheldon Brown referred to mixte frames as “ladies’ frames”.

    Personally, I’d love to rock one no matter which gender the bike is intended for.

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