Interbike 2009: Montague Bikes-Boston Folding Bike

This is the world’s first 700c folding, single speed bike…pretty slick if you ask me.
montague boston

Montague Bikes are pretty versatile that the Military in various countries use them. Below is my brother, Staff Sergeant, Randy Policar (US Army) with a Montague Paratrooper.


  1. Powerful Pete

    Nice, I guess, although I am not sure that 700c wheels make that much sense on a folding bike (which I think would be of interest to the intermodal commuters out there).

    Also, i would need to see it in the flesh, but that quick release between my legs?

  2. Ghost Rider

    The idea behind a full-size folder is so that it fits better in a tiny cramped apartment…

    This Boston is getting a LOT of positive press, and I love the way it looks.

    Tell me, who had pictures of Randy? Did Montague have a portfolio with photos, or did RL bring them to the show?

  3. RL

    Montague had a portfolio. Randy did a review of the Paratrooper for them a while back.

  4. Ghost Rider

    Yeah, I remember that…that’s partly why I asked. Very cool to see your own brother in their portfolio, eh?

  5. RL Policar (Post author)

    Yeah it was pretty cool. We went up to their booth and David (Montague) remembered me and showed me the portfolio.

    Showed the pics to Randy and he was surprised too.

  6. tom

    Wow! That folds great, is near 20 lbs, and just under $700. They’re going to sell a lot of them (no I don’t work for them 🙂 )

    Nice video BTW.


    Not only is the bike insanely light for a folder, flip the wheel and it becomes a fixie.

  8. Porter

    This bike is pretty amazing. I’m really starting to like the idea of folding bikes, and this one is full-sized and perfect for city riding as well. Looks sharp too, nice design.

  9. Powerful Pete

    Ok, ok, I understand small apartments. But really, too small to keep a bike in? I thought apartments were small here in Italy, LOL.

    You guys still haven’t convinced me on this one. 😉

  10. Luke

    This would really help when carting your bike up a couple of flights of stairs. I think they’re onto a good thing.

  11. Stephen

    The folding make for easy storage in the trunk of the car. Don’t even bother lugging it up to the flat.

  12. Damon

    I own the Montague Boston Folding bike and live in a small apt in NYC. I have always wanted a bike, but had no room and didn’t like the stationary looking old folding bikes. I love it. Even better than the non folding bikes I have had in the past. Super light, latches are safe and I wouldn’t even worry that they are going to come apart when riding. Best bike I have ever owned.

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