Interbike 2009: Civia

I’ve never liked commuter bikes that cost more than a mortgage and that’s why I really don’t talk about fancy bikes like the Civia. But I figured there are some of our readers that might get a kick out of them.

Ok, I admit, they are nice bikes and I do really like the fenders…


  1. Ghost Rider

    They ARE pricey…but oh so nice. One of my friends here in Tampa has a Loring with the bamboo fenders and front rack. They are well-appointed and very stylish…but I haven’t had a chance to ride it yet.

    The price is relative, of course — if someone is looking at replacing a motor vehicle with a bike, Civias (and other top-shelf commuter bikes) are cheap by comparison!

  2. Iron Man

    Pricey, but gorgeous. They look like they meet the needs of the average commuter without looking like part of the masses from communist China. Those things look stylish and just a bit speedy.

  3. Kermit

    I think you’d love those fenders until you get a flat front tire and you realize you can’t set your fork tips on the ground because the fender is in the way.

  4. Ghost Rider

    Kermit, that’s the bane of all full-coverage fenders — but there is more than one way to “skin the cat”, as it were. I’d rather have such fenders than worry about not being able to set the forkends on the ground.

  5. Mike Myers

    I like the looks of the Loring. It’s pricy but seems like a really good cargo bike. Less expensive than a Surly Big Dummy. Less cargo capacity but classy looking bike.

    I’m not a fan of the Civia Hyland, but I wll admit they’re nice looking bikes.

  6. Kermit

    I’d rather have my planet bike full fenders with mudflaps that bend when I set it on the fork tips. The price is right too… For that price it’d be nice to have some sort of quick release or swivel system that is reliable for when you do get a flat.

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