1. meligrosa October 1, 2009 12:41 am 

    damn that mixte is good looking. my frenchie will be happy to have a new shiny mixte cousin in her vicinity.. 😉

  2. Elizabeth October 1, 2009 6:05 am 

    Likin’ the red Dutchi! Sweet!

  3. Jason October 3, 2009 2:35 pm 

    Nice bikes. The problem here in the South is that very, very few bike shops exist, and those that do fail to carry the commuter brands. If it’s not Trek or Specialized, forget it.

  4. Yusef Riazi November 30, 2009 9:30 pm 

    I just bought a cream mixte today and love it.
    I’ve been searching for the right combination of design and price and this bike did it for me

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