Misleading artice in the newspaper…what else is new?

So this morning I was checking out the local newspaper for my area, The Orange County Register, and something caught my attention, “Do bike-helmet laws, free lunches make kids fatter?”

Here’s what’s misleading, the title made me believe that they were going to talk about how helmets are making kids fatter. But if you read the whole thing, its all about free lunches and kids eating way too much. The author of the article only touches on the helmet thing just a tad…In fact out of the 12 paragraph article, they only mentioned helmets in 2 sections, and it was quoting some guy.

“I think bicycle helmet laws, while well-intentioned to protect kids, probably have contributed to this as well, because when you make it more difficult for kids to exercise because maybe you’re concerned about his safety, sometimes you have a negative effect where the kids don’t do as much of it,? he said during the meeting.

Asked later to elaborate, Norby said he supported the state law that requires those under 18 to wear helmets, whether they’re on a bike, scooter, rollerblades or skateboard. But “I’d like to see more kids riding bikes, and I’d like to see more riding them to school. It’s important to have the bicycle helmet law, but we have to look at the unintended consequences of all laws, and also our own concerns and fears, because Orange County’s a very safe place for kids to play, and they should be outside playing.?

I thought there was going to be some scientific study that showed proof that helmets were making kids fatter…not, its just a matter of some guys opinion. Aye…maybe I’m just being sensitive here, but I swear, some of these journalists are too lazy to find out hard evidence such as studies, facts, or statistics about the subject matter at hand, especially when it comes to the subject of bicycles.

If you want to read this article, its over here

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