Redline Urbis Hits the Streets

Back in September during the Interbike show, Redline Bicycles set out some bait and wanted to see what the people’s reaction was to this bike. Well because of the overwhelming response, they are finally coming out with the Redline Urbis.

This is the info I got from Redline directly

affordable fixie freestyle bike, who else other than Redline to bring you a bike designed from the best mix of BMX parts, and Street/Urban design.

This bike will come fixed w/flip flop hub so the customer can put a freewheel on it if desired(a rear brake will be included but not installed).

We had taken some video of the prototype during Interbike and if you missed it, here you go.

But the kind folks of Redline sent me these photos today to give you all an idea on the actual production model. These photos were taken right outside the Redline HQ.

MSRP will be around $549.99 to $599.99


  1. Dwainedibbly

    To me this is really ugly, but difference in taste is one thing that keeps life from being boring.

  2. Ghost Rider

    I, on the other hand, love it. I don’t get the chainguard at all, and the machined brake tracks are getting some guff on other sites that posted the spy photos, but I dig on that extra glint of silver on an otherwise drab finish.

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  4. Animal

    Wow, Love at first sight. Cool Handle Bars- looks strong, it sucks when you bend handle bars. Nice touch with front brake cable routing.

  5. Powerful Pete

    Don’t like the rims. White rims on a commuter? Will become grubby looking quickly!

    Says the guy who has a white saddle and handlebar tape on his race bike…

    Do as I say! Not as I do!

  6. Andre


    Is it possible to get the Redline Urbis anywhere online?

    Thanks, Andre

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