Winterizing – protection from the “elements”

Snow is falling in Chicago (and across the Midwest) and it can leave bike commuters with more than just snow to battle on the roads.

winter riding

Along the plowed arterial roads, the snow is really not an issue (yet), but slushy conditions and road grit are quickly becoming my main commuting obstacles. I’ve got the fenders and those probably keep most of the road grime generated by my bike off of me.

However, I continue to wear the rain pants to keep the worst of winter’s “elements” – road spray and salt from cars – off of my clothes. With only a couple of inches of snow on the ground, I still got “showered” this morning with dirty, salty road spray.

rain pants and road spray

If you’re riding through winter, be sure to protect both your bike and yourself from the conditions. Last year the Practical Pedal described in detail the usefulness of fenders, mudflaps, maintaining a low center of gravity when biking in slick conditions and even suggested some clothing choices.

A little preparation goes a long way toward a safe and enjoyable winter bike commuting experience.