Just a tease.

United Parcel Smashers, as my friend Doug calls them. I love when they bring me new gear. I hate when they throw the box around, tear it up, and leave expensive packages next to my door (in an apartment complex) and run away without knocking.

My wife was here the whole time, and the only reason she knew it got dropped off was because one of our cats turned into a spaz for a few seconds. She got to the door just in time to see the Oops guy take off.

Poor bike. It was left wrong-side-up and with a prodigious gash in the box.

Stay tuned. We got our mittens on one of Swobo’s newest bikes (which involves another long story starring UPS), and I’ll be testing it out for a few weeks in Kansas City. More photos coming tomorrow, and a full review when it’s time to send this baby back to the mothership.

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  1. Ghost Rider

    UPS…a bunch of incompetent, surly fools. I have had the same experience many times. Signature required? Nah…just leave it on the porch — the bums won’t steal anything!

    Looking forward to the review of that sweet machine.

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