Two Interesting News Items to Share

First off, an iPhone application that is meeting with great interest in San Francisco (hat tip to my man Steve S. for the heads-up):

…now San Francisco is using the iPhone to build a better city too — through tracking cyclists with its CycleTracks app.

The express purpose of CycleTracks will gather data on cycling trips throughout San Francisco, to help the city better design its bicycle infrastructure.

When activated, the app uses the iPhone’s GPS receiver to record the details of a ride, then uploads the data to a central database — and that method of gathering that kind of data is probably unique in the nation, said Billy Charlton, Deputy Director of Technology Services for the SF County Transportation Authority, in an interview with CoM.

Check out the full article and details of this data-gathering experiment at Cult of Mac.

Secondly, there’s a very well-reasoned essay by Elliott over at Austin on Two Wheels — this one concerning bike lanes vs. vehicular cycling. We’ve touched on pros and cons of bike paths/bike lanes and just “taking the lane” many times here, and I’m sure you’ve read such comparisons elsewhere. Elliott does a good job of presenting how the two CAN coexist as Austin prepares to add bicycle boulevards into their infrastructural mix. Check out the full essay by visiting the site.


  1. Elizabeth

    First.. I don’t have an iPhone, but doesn’t the GPS app wear out the battery that much faster?

    Second, are these tracked bike trips linked back to the rider? Sounds like big brother watching where I go…

  2. Ghost Rider

    Read the original article.

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