The best gift of all

Today I rode my bike; ordinarily that statement would come as no surprise. But unfortunately for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been battling congestion, sore throats, fatigue – cold symptoms that just wouldn’t quit! – and I’ve not been riding.

On my final work day this week, I’m happy to report that I bike commuted. In the wind and sleet, I smiled all the way and enjoyed breathing in the crisp air. I wished I could just keep going.

It’s the best gift ever – not the ride – but the restored health so that I can ride.

Even the green machine got “dressed” up for the holidays, sporting a red and gold holiday bow from my mom.

Happy holidays!


  1. Doohickie

    I know the feeling of just being thankful to ride. I’ve been plagued with what I think is a strained knee ligament. I’m okay for about 10 miles, but then it starts to make itself known. I’m hoping over the holidays it will get enough rest to be able to resume my commuting in the new year.

  2. Matt

    Know how you feel – I’ve been battling a cold for the last week or so as well and haven’t been riding.

  3. Powerful Pete

    Yes. Good post. The joy of riding.

    Merry Christmas to all… buon natale!

    And may you all ride many wonderful kilometers (not too cold or wet!) over the holidays!

  4. Steven K

    what did you end up having and what did you do to get rid of it (or did it just go away as suddenly as it came on)?

  5. Elizabeth (Post author)

    Ah.. well, I’m not sure what I had ever got officially diagnosed. At one point I was diagnosed with sinusitus (and I think that contributed to the awful congestion). But then the sore throat came out of nowhere and then kind of kept coming back. Lots of rest! Lots of menthol lozenges. Hoping it’s gone now…

  6. BikeWhenYouCan

    Know what you mean: I was out for about 2 weeks after my back went out. Getting back on the bike felt sooo good. Been biking through the snow the last few days (car in the shop, oh well).

  7. Ghost Rider

    I know what you mean…it’s like being let out of prison that first time you get to ride your bike again.

    I’m about to undertake a 3-week forced “vacation” from the bike (due to a medical procedure)…I’m going to be an emotional wreck until I can pedal again!!!

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