2009 Year-End Tallies

Another great year of riding for our “club” ; although we are down almost 2000 miles from last year’s tallies, the club group has ridden 40008 miles, saved $5223.26 in gas money and prevented 44008 lbs. of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. Great work!!!

After leading in the club standings for nearly the entire year, our friend Dean Peddle (6198.8 miles) was narrowly edged out by user “jfracine” (6506.6 miles), who escaped the harsh cold of Canada to more cycling-friendly California and was thus able to rack up more miles on the bike. I finished at a distant 6th place…with just under 2500 miles for the year.

If you’re into this sort of thing, posting miles is a lot of fun, and we like to showcase our combined efforts on the sidebar there. If you are a user, please consider joining our “club? (search for “ in the club search area). If you’re NOT a user, please consider that…it’s free for a basic membership and it is a great way to log your ride particulars and meet new cyclists in your area.

Happy riding in 2010!

A note about the gasoline savings: Normally, when I update our club stats (done periodically throughout the year…approximately once a month), I use the current average U.S. gasoline price as published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration on their Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update page. For the year-end tally, I used their averaged gasoline price for the entire year of 2009, which is posted at their Short Term Energy Outlook page. In all of these calculations (gas savings and C02 emissions), we use an average mileage rate of 18 MPG…


  1. Rf132

    Are the miles recorded in the bike commuters journal only miles ridden that replace automobile transportation? If not it isn’t honest to say every mile biked is a mile of driving saved. I am thinking of joining bike journal to log just my transportational biking miles to get a true picture of automobile miles saved for myself.

  2. Ghost Rider

    @Rf132…not necessarily, but the majority of miles logged are transportational. We’re not particularly concerned with honesty; this isn’t some grand experiment where we’re thumbing our noses at cars and car users…we all log miles just for fun.

    You should join — and also feel free to use our gas savings calculator to tally your own savings:

  3. Volpe2005

    Shoot…you coulda’ used my miles to make up the shortage! 1200 of the 4600 were commuting miles.

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