Has the economy affected your bike commuting?

I was laid off almost two years ago, luckily, I found a job within two weeks. However, my new job was located 37 miles away (one way) making commuting on bike extremely difficult. I considered multi-modal commuting, but the transit system in LA really blows. It would have taken me two hours to get to work! That basically left me with using my bike to run errands and recreational riding.

I ended up switching jobs again putting me in a position to dust off my trusty commuter bike and start hitting the roads of Orange county. I’m planning to start riding once there is enough light for me to ride safely during the evening. My commute will involve riding the Santa Ana river trail and I’m guesstimating that I will save at least 15 minutes and lots of aggravation.

So I’m wondering if this economy affected your bike commuting, are your riding less? Or are you riding more since it is cheaper to ride a bike? If you had a car, would you consider riding your bike up to an interview? Did you have to get rid of any bikes since times are hard? Please share your story by leaving a comment.