Happy Paczki Day!

Happy Paczki Day (aka Happy Fat Tuesday or Happy Mardi Gras)!


As has become a tradition, today I brought in a few paczki to work. Over the years, I usually introduce at least one person each year to the Polish Paczki treat. This year I almost did not bring in any of these sweet pastries, but a Polish bakery – Delightful Pastries – opened along my bike commuting route and I simply couldn’t resist. This morning my bike just stopped out front – where there was also convenient bike parking.

bakery with bike

Initially my paczki were boxed all together in one large box. However, once the woman behind the counter realized I’d be biking with them, she offered to box them in separate smaller boxes that would travel better for me. How “delightful”!

The smaller box fit perfectly in the pannier.
paczki box

And all passengers arrived safely at their destination.
paczki arrival

Paczki Day articles abound online today and I found one asking the question – “You Ate That Paczki, So Now What?” So now what? Of course the answer is so now we get on our bikes. :-)

Do you celebrate Paczki Day/Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday? If so, what tradition(s) do you have?