Happy Paczki Day!

Happy Paczki Day (aka Happy Fat Tuesday or Happy Mardi Gras)!


As has become a tradition, today I brought in a few paczki to work. Over the years, I usually introduce at least one person each year to the Polish Paczki treat. This year I almost did not bring in any of these sweet pastries, but a Polish bakery – Delightful Pastries – opened along my bike commuting route and I simply couldn’t resist. This morning my bike just stopped out front – where there was also convenient bike parking.

bakery with bike

Initially my paczki were boxed all together in one large box. However, once the woman behind the counter realized I’d be biking with them, she offered to box them in separate smaller boxes that would travel better for me. How “delightful”!

The smaller box fit perfectly in the pannier.
paczki box

And all passengers arrived safely at their destination.
paczki arrival

Paczki Day articles abound online today and I found one asking the question – “You Ate That Paczki, So Now What?” So now what? Of course the answer is so now we get on our bikes. πŸ™‚

Do you celebrate Paczki Day/Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday? If so, what tradition(s) do you have?


  1. Marian

    I love paczki even when it is not paczki day; however, today I did not buy any. Also the paczki’s today are a little different than the paczki’s you can purchase on any other day. They are bigger and have more filling. My mouth is watering for my favorite – fresh strawberry and whipped cream filled paczki.

  2. BluesCat

    Hey! Did you bring enough for EVERYBODY? No fair! I had to put up with supermarket donuts! Waaaaaah!

  3. Jeremy

    I grew up sorta near Detroit and used to get these every year. Haven’t been able to find them in Colorado yet πŸ™

  4. Elizabeth (Post author)

    @BluesCat – there’s always plenty of sweetness to go around. πŸ™‚ But I hear ya on the “eh” supermarket stuff. I just spoke with a colleague who’s Polish and he says even the Polish bakeries here can’t make paczki like he remembers them in Poland. So – we’re all missing out on the really good stuff.

    BTW – nice blog. Sorry about your encounter last night. Enjoy your 70-degree temps.

  5. BluesCat

    Thanks, Elizabeth.

    Yeah, it was the strangest bike altercation I have ever had. I did get an email from an officer in the Phoenix Police Public Relations Department. She wanted some more information, which I gave her, so I’m waiting to hear what else she has to say. She already spoke with the two police officers. I’ll update the blog when I have more info.

    Yeah, my biggest challenge during this warm weather is not wearing TOO much when I start my commute in the morning. It’s a nice “problem” to have!

  6. Ghost Rider

    Never heard of Paczki…but have been celebrating Mardi Gras (and Fasching/Carnival long before that) for many years. In fact, I’m rocking my Rex beads right now…couldn’t find my beloved black Zulu beads.

  7. RL

    Wow those look awesomely good!

  8. StatrixBob

    Out here in Hawaii, where thankfully we don’t have to bike them through snow covered streets, we have the Portuguese version better known as Malasadas.

    The most famous in Honolulu come from Leonard’s Bakery….


  9. BluesCat

    Nuts, I should’ve brought another shirt into work, this one has drool all over it.

  10. Iron_Man

    Sadly there is little to NO Polish community in my region. I originate from Detroit and loved the guilty pleasure of those things on Fat Tuesday. But where I live there just aren’t any Polish bakeries. So sad too, as fried food of any kind is right up Springfield, Missouri’s alley.

  11. Dottie

    Whaaat? If that’s along your commute route, it’s along my commute route. I must seek that out! Pastries are my weakness.

  12. tim

    Hey, those are really cool handlbars you have there. Could you tell me where I could get my hands on one of those for myself?

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