LAPD to be trained on the rights of bicyclists

It looks like L.A. bike commuters have gained an ally from the LAPD and Councilman Rosenthal:

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck told a group of bicycle advocates that department-wide training would be implemented to highlight the rights of bicyclists on the road and ensure that officers know how to deal with incidents involving bikes.

Councilman Bill Rosendahl, chairman of the transportation committee, said it was a “historic first? to have the chief of police listening directly to the experiences of cyclists and promising reform.

“Today is the beginning of a new day with the LAPD,? Rosendahl said. “My hope is that six months from now an officer will know the rights of cyclists as well as the rights of motorists.… I think the LAPD, like pretty much the citizenry in general, has had the car culture.?

You can read the entire article here.

I’m pretty sure that the lobbying from our friends from the LACBC had something to do with it. The LACBC is a great resource for us Angelinos, check out their site at


  1. Adam12

    This is great news. Consistent training is always necessary as a law enforcement officer in every avenue of the job.

  2. BluesCat

    Yeah, I think all police departments, everywhere in the states, could use a good Bike Rights Training for Officers training program.

    Like in my home town of Phoenix, as evidenced by a recent experience I had with a Phoenix police officer and described in my blog: A Real Jaw Dropper.

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