Complete Streets in Richmond, Indiana

This is for any Indiana readers out there (tip o’ the ol’ foam chapeau to our friends Fritz of Cycleicious for the accompanying text and Jamie from Bike Columbus for getting the word out on Facebook):

Mark Stosberg of Bike Richmond (IN) needs help from Indiana residents with a petition to the Indiana Department of Transportation.

INDOT is finalizing plans for a project through the city of Richmond, IN to refurbish a two mile section of US Highway 27 through the downtown area. INDOT sought input from a variety of groups, but non- motorized transportation groups were not consulted. The proposed plan involves right of way acquisition and tearing down buildings for wider radius turns, which means faster traffic, faster cross traffic, and more danger to pedestrians and cyclists in the downtown area.

Currently, US27 is your typical, ugly thoroughfare. INDOT’s proposal is to replace it with two miles of shinier, smoother ugly to whisk motorists to the strip mall hell on the outskirts of town. Richmond Mayor Sally Hutton has a vision of something much better for her town and sent a letter to INDOT asking the state to redo the plan with Complete Streets principles in mind.

Mark asks for your help to get word out to Indiana residents to ask INDOT to support the city’s request to modify the US27 plan. PUBLIC COMMENT IS DUE BY MARCH 18.

Mark posted about the project here:

I posted specifics on getting word to INDOT here:

Sorry about the last-minute nature of this alert…we just heard about it today. Anyhow, if you’re an Indiana resident who cares about this situation, please let INDOT and your local/state representatives know how you feel.


  1. harry krishna

    good luck. us27 is one ugly and awful road in tn, ga, and fl.

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