Return to bike commuting: What to wear?

What to wear while riding your bike to work is mostly an individual choice based on weather, style and practicality.

Myself, I like practicality over style. I also tend to be a little “thrifty” on my choice of what to wear during my ride. Living in Southern California, I can get away with riding with shorts and short sleeve jerseys. I prefer mountain biking shorts or knickers over Lycra or jeans. I also like hi-viz cycling jerseys, I prefer the “house brands” (Pricepoint, Nashbar…) because they are cheaper. Here are links of clothing that we have reviewed in the past (including a cooling vest!)

Faction Cycling Metro Flatlander Jersey
Shmaltz Brewing Co Micro Beer Jersey
Hoss Pony Polo shirt
Loeka Waterproof Shell Jacket

SWOBO Men’s Short Sleeve Merino Jersey

Arctic Heat Cooling vest
Zoic Namaste Hoodie


Outlier Summer Shorts

Hoss Sienna plaid knickers
Zoic Damsel Skirt
Hoss Stallion Shorts
Bicycle Fixation Wool knickers


Chrome Kursk Shoes

Simple Shoes Eco S

Keen Commuter Sandals

Sette Elite Carbon Road shoes

On my next installment I will address hygiene, the #1 reason (in my opinion) why people are reluctant to ride a bike to work.