B-Cycle Bike Share Coming to Denver

Heather Stephenson from Edelman Public Relations just sent us a press release concerning the impending rollout of a new bike-share program coming to Denver. It’s called B-Cycle, it’s sponsored in part by Humana and it sounds pretty cool:

…because of your focus on bike commuting and your discussion of a bike-sharing program in Minneapolis [BIXI/Nice Ride Minnesota], I thought you would be interested in the country’s first large-scale citywide bike-sharing system being launched on Earth Day, April 22, in Denver.

The program will launch 500 B-cycles located at 40-50 B-stations around the city, which offer not only a green alternative to cars and cabs, but also encourage healthy behavior.

Why does one of the country’s largest health insurers want to get more people on bikes? Because just three hours of pedaling a week can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by 50 percent, says the League of American Bicyclists. Humana hopes that B-cycle can be one part of many solutions to America’s obesity and environmental problems, making it easier for people to lead healthier, greener lives.

Each bike is equipped with computers to track mileage, calories burned and carbon offsets. The tracking enables riders to monitor their personal fitness and contributions to the city’s green efforts while also helping to connect B-cycle users with one another at

If you would like to bring B-cycle to your community, click here to vote.

b cycle

Full details on how it works can be found on the B-Cycle home page.


  1. Sean

    As a Denver resident I’m looking forward to this. I commute regularly (all seasons), and despite the occasional snow, (Which can be fun to ride in itself), we have a wonderful city for bike commuting.

    B Cycle isn’t gear specifically towards commuting (Although it could be part of someone’s commute). What I think it will do is show people that running quick errands on a bicycle is very feasible.

    I am volunteering to help educate people about the system as the program kicks off this weekend. I’m anxious to see how it evolves!

  2. Aaron Dalton

    For those interested in continuing coverage of Denver’s bike sharing experiment, my blog (Bikeway Central) will be publishing a series of interviews with some of the major players involved in developing the pilot program and rolling out the full enchilada.

    Here’s a link to the original story –

    And here’s a link to the first interview with Antoine Perretta, Undergraduate Student President at University of Denver, where B-Cycle collaborated on a pilot bike sharing program before launching the city-wide network –

    Stay tuned to Bikeway Central for additional interviews related to the Denver B-Cycle launch, plus coverage of other bike infrastructure projects around the country…

    – Aaron Dalton, Editor, Bikeway Central

  3. Ghost Rider

    Thanks, Aaron…I’m eager to read those interviews, so I’ll be tuning in!

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