Soma Fab Double Cross 100 mile Update

The Soma Double Cross has had a mix of dirt and street miles logged in. I’d say about half of my rides were all on the local trails.

My indoor bike parking at work.

On the road the Double Cross is quick, responsive and VERY durable. I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about pot holes or having to bunny hop the occasional obstacle. It helps that this bike is a cyclocross, the wheels and tires allow for more abuse than a standard road bike, and it does ride faster and smoother than a mountain bike. I plan on giving it more time on the saddle before I post a final review.


  1. Graham

    It appears to be very similiar to the way I’ve got my commuter set up and for pretty much the same reasons. Either I’m a genius who’s way ahead of his time or bike designers have been spying on me again. Clearly those are the only two explanations!

    The only thing that makes me laugh about that bike (as pictured) is the spoke count. I imagine myself demolishing those wheels even thinking about a curb or pothole. Clearly it is a another bike made for the lighter rider.

    I look forward to your thoughts and the final review!

  2. RL

    HI Graham,

    Great minds think alike. I was leery about those wheels in the beginning. But I learned Trek uses the same wheel set on their CX Bikes. I figured it was safe enough to use for the Soma.

    I have to say, these wheels are STRONG! I haven’t had any issues with them at all. In fact the morning that I rode (Friday), I had to bunny hop over a set of RR tracks, I landed and kept rolling along. By the way, I weight about 210 lbs.

  3. Graham

    Then I stand (well sit, actually)corrected! Of course now I’m intensely curious about how they made the wheels so strong.

  4. Ghost Rider

    The key to paired-spoke and other low-spoke-count wheels is high spoke tension. Really high.

  5. Mike Myers

    So is it basically a 29er now or a hybrid? I mean, what does ride more like—an MTB or a road bike?

  6. Mike Myers

    Never mind.. LOL

  7. Chas Maloney

    Are these bikes in the shops in or close to Dayton Ohio or vicinity. Could you forward any info brochures to my attention?

    Chas Maloney
    464 East Fourth St.
    Franklin, Ohio 45005

    Thank you!

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