Freedom Bicycle Tire Review, Ryder Model

Where do I start? Yesterday I replaced the stock tires on the Torker Graduate and went for spin down the Southern California Coast. My spin turned out to be 45 miles ending at Oceanside California; this has a lot to do with the Freedom Ryder tires, they were trouble free and allowed me to keep rolling until my legs were fried.

With 80 psi in the tires I thought it would be a rough ride. It was not and yet still very grippy in the loose stuff. The miles just kept clicking off; part of the ride was though Camp Pendleton Marine Base. The bike path on the base can be rough at times and can flat a tire with ease — the tires held up great over slab cracks and gravel.

I feel these tires were a great addition to the Torker. After running down the gutter on a very narrow street loaded with cars, the outside lugs were able to drive the tire up the raised pavement and out of the gutter without skipping the sidewall -- at this moment I was sold. I got to the beach safely and enjoyed a sweet sunset while I waited for my wife and kids to pick me up.