It’s Memorial Day Weekend! What do you do for fun?

During the week, I ride serious. To and from work, errands, and around town as needed. I’m generally hauling some kind of cargo, and in the case of my work-bound commutes, I leave a bit early and take it easy so I’m not a mess when I show up for my shift. When the weekend hits, though, it’s time for some fun rides. I link to my personal blog a lot here, but you’ll get to see lots of photos and get a feel for what I like to do with my days off.

Very few things are as fun for me as heading out on an S24O Bicycle camping trip, either alone, or in a large group.

A few years ago, I gave Randonneuring a shot. Imagine a cross between a century ride and a self-supported bicycle tour, but with a clock ticking while you make your way to various checkpoints.  It’s actually pretty fun, but can make for a long day (or days) on the bicycle. My first experience was a 13 hour day where I covered 137 miles on a mountain bike with slicks. These rides start at 200km (125 miles or so) and can go to 1200 kilometers (about 750 miles) or even longer.

Another thing that seems to be popular among a few bicycle commuting bloggers I know: Night rides. When the weather’s nice (and sometimes even when it’s not), some of my Kansas City area friends participate in what we call the Dark-Side Rides: 30-50 mile suburban and rural road rides that start after sundown.

I have one of these Dark-Side Rides coming up this weekend. What are you doing for fun? Does it involve bikes?