Preview: a Sneak Peak at Po Campo

Delivered to my doorstep via Po Campo bike delivery last night – the latest generation rack tote:


As a female bike commuter, I often feel the need to be just one of the guys when it comes to buying practical gear that will perform for the daily haul. But – Po Campo offers the rocking Rack Tote.

[It] attaches easily to your bike rack, stores all your daily needs and is as durable as can be. Adjustable shoulder strap tucks away while riding and reflective side loops hold rear light.

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be testing it and comparing it to the gender-neutral gear. Stay tuned.


  1. Mike Myers

    Hey, that’s a good idea for the ladies. It saves them having to find a way to carry a purse. The capacity does seem a bit limited, but I guess we’ll wait for the full review to determine that.

  2. Dottie

    The bag is much roomier than it looks!

  3. Joyce aka Miss CycleStyle

    I have a rack tote and I agree, it is much bigger than you’d expect. I can fit my lunch box, yoga gear and a spare pair of heels inside, and have been known to take my DSLR with my usual wallet/iphone/keys as well. I also like how there’s loops so there’s lots of places you can hang stuff off.

    Joyce aka Miss CycleStyle

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