Things to do with old innertubes

Matt from BikeHacks (a great site for DIY cyclists) commented on one photo of mine where I had three headlights on my handlebars all at the same time. Yes, you can call me Captain Dashboard.

I was out for about 5 hours after dark, and my other two lights (a blackburn flea, and a modified NiteRider halogen) had both faded to a dim glow.  I whipped out my rigged-up mini-Maglite, which is lashed to my handlebar with a section of modified innertube.

I also frequently cut my old innertubes into thin slices to use as small rubber-bands. Here, they keep my pannier’s straps nice and neat:

I usually patch my innertubes, but once the stem goes out, they get re-purposed. In what other ways do you re-use your old tubes?