Celebrate July Fourth With “Declare Your Independence From Oil” Bike Rides

For folks in the Tampa Bay area, a number of cycling advocates have put together an event for July 4th. Here’s the press release:

Celebrate July Fourth With “Declare Your Independence From Oil” Bike Rides

TAMPA, FL (June 26, 2010) – The massive oil spill catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico is only the most glaring example of the dangers of America’s unquenchable thirst for oil. With images of the ongoing disaster on TV every day, the environmental (and other) benefits of using bicycles for transportation have never been clearer.

Bicycling is a clean, sustainable mode of transportation that produces no pollution. It’s also fun, practical, especially for shorter trips, and it improves health and fitness. By using bicycles, people can save a lot of money annually on gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, etc. Most importantly, using bicycles doesn’t require that billions of barrels of oil a year be pumped out of the ground and shipped around the world — with the constant risk of a disastrous leak or spill.

To encourage people to try bicycle commuting, local cycling advocates, joined by SWFBUD (South West Florida Bicycle United Dealers), have declared Sunday, July 4, 2010, “Independence from Oil Day.” To declare their own independence, people should leave their motor vehicles at home that day and use bicycles (or walk) to get around.

To help celebrate the day, there will be two “Declare Your Independence from Oil” bicycle rides, starting that morning from Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park on Ashley Dr. (between Zack and Twiggs Streets) in downtown Tampa. Both rides will start at 8 a.m., but riders should try to arrive at the park between 7:30 and 7:45 a.m.*

The shorter ride (click here for a route map) will be about 11 miles long and will go down scenic Bayshore Blvd. to Ballast Point Park, then head back to downtown.

The longer ride (route map) will be about 24.5 miles long and will also go to Ballast Point Park, then west on Gandy Blvd. and across the Gandy Bridge, turning back after reaching the Pinellas side of the bridge.

Declare your independence this 4th of July, and help free yourself and your country from its costly and dangerous addiction to oil.

(Since the theme of the event is “independence from oil,” participants are encouraged to ride their bicycles from home to downtown Tampa. To find a more bike-friendly route to get there, people can use the bicycle directions feature on Google Maps.)

*All participants in this event assume responsibility for their own actions and safety. By participating, they agree to absolve all organizers and sponsors of the event of all blame and liability for any harm, injury, or loss that may result from participating in the event. All bicyclists must wear a bicycle helmet and ride a bicycle in good operating condition.


  1. Val

    And for anyone on the Seattle area, we have: This will be our fourth year riding on the Fourth, and the one thing we can guarantee is fun!

  2. Cody

    The irony here is that it took tons of oil to create all these bikes. To harvest the materials, run the machines that built them, the boats and planes it took to ship them from Taiwan, etc.

    Its a step in the right direction which is the most important! I still just love a bit of irony. PS I hope you’re not riding a carbon fiber bike because thats even more ironic.

  3. Raiyn

    Hate to break it to ya Agent Cody. My commuter was made in CHICAGO and has more than offset it’s carbon footprint over the last 39 years.

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    My wife and I had a bike-only 4th on our own. It’s cool that they were organized somewhere. I hope it turns into a tradition or, better yet, a daily pattern:

    Bikes require resources in order to be built and to use but every trip with a bike avoids a trip with a 4000 pound machine that requires resources that dwarf those required for the bike so I think it is a pretty decent cost/benefit from any way you look at it.

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