Review: Planet Bike K.O.K.O. Cargo Rack

This beauty showed up at my door a few days before the official release date (June 17th).  We got a sneak preview.

This rack is hot off the fab, and just hit PB’s online stores a few weeks ago. They call it the Keep On Keepin’ On rack. With all the extra hardware, packaging and whatnot, this rack clocks in at a modest 581 grams. I weighed only the stuff that went on my bike, and it was a bit less.

The K.O.K.O is designed with frequent daily use in mind. It has a rated capacity of 55 pounds. That’s some serious cargo! It’s ready for camping or grocery shopping, but works just fine for daily commuting as well. Plus, it’s got some sleek lines. It looks like it belongs on your bike.

The way it angles away from the rear wheel as it goes back took me by surprise a bit. Without a solid support on the top, this rack is definitely geared toward those of us who opt for panniers or trunk packs. Otherwise, there’s ample places to lash stuff down with twine or bungees. My guess is that the serious cargo haulers Planet Bike is catering to with the K.O.K.O will be loading bags on this rack, though.

The enhanced rear struts provide plenty of support to keep your bags from slipping into the spokes. I’ve had this problem with some of the traditional cargo racks.

I was trying to hold out on posting a review until I had gotten a nice S24O bike camping adventure in, but my trip keeps getting delayed. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now, and it even survived my Deer Crash incident without any problems. Just some scrapes.

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