Chicago’s L.A.T.E. Ride – new route, new time

This weekend the annual L.A.T.E. Ride in Chicago will cycle through Chicago neighborhoods as a fundraiser for the organization Friends of the Parks. Last year, the ride celebrated its 21st year. It’s a great way to see the city all lit up – and maybe venture off your typical bike commuting route.

This year the L.A.T.E. Ride will have a new route – highlights include the South Loop, Chinatown, Greek Town, Chicago’s historic “Emerald Necklace” and much more!

Night-of registrations will be accepted.

New this year – we begin riding at 12 midnight!

Schedule of Events:
10:00pm – Midnight: Night-of-Event Packet Pick-Up and On-Site Registration, helmet sales and bike repairs by Village Cycle Center, plus live music by Four Man Band.

11:00pm: Head for the stage for our annual BEST LIT BIKE and BEST DECORATED HELMET contests. Prizes will be awarded. Be creative!

11:50pm: Look for your color group (Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow) along Columbus Drive. Listen for instructions.

Midnight – 12:45pm: Step-Off! We’ll release riders south along Columbus Drive starting with VIP riders followed by five regular waves in about eight-minute intervals. Rider numbers are color-coded according and will be released in this order:
1)VIPs 2) Blue 3) Green 4) Red 5) Orange 6) Yellow

Also new – while you wait for the sun to rise over Lake Michigan enjoy an all-you-can-eat optional breakfast from Goose Island – Cost is only $7.00 per person, $2.00 of which benefits Friends of the Parks.

See you Long After Twilight Ends…


  1. Euro Biker

    I hope it was successful.

  2. Enriique

    I had a bike crash early on the race – I went to the hospital but now I dont know where my bike or helmet are. Does anyone know somethning about an accident early in the ride?

  3. trav

    Was it the one in Greek town? I hope you’re ok. Looked brutal.

    I would get a of LATE ride or the CPD about the bike.

  4. Elizabeth

    @Enriique – try emailing about your bike.
    Hope you’re OK.

  5. Enrique

    Trav I beleive it was near Greek town – what did you see

  6. Enrique

    I am ok thanks to the support teams from FOTP

  7. lMit

    We saw an accident involving one of the biker and a car. Not sure about the area. Just concerned that he is doing ok. We are hoping it is nothing serious.

  8. Elizabeth

    I hadn’t heard of this particular incident…. try “liking” the LATE Ride on Facebook –

    From my vantage point — lots of riders enjoyed a beautiful night of bike riding through Chicago

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