Sneak Peek at the New Breezer Uptown Infinity

This appeared in my mailbox yesterday — a sneak peek at Breezer’s Uptown Infinity commuter bike. Rack and fenders? Check. Full chaincase? Check. Dynamo-powered lights? Yep. Internally-geared hub? Uh huh…in this case the NuVinci N360 Continuously Variable Planetary Transmission. This is one smart-looking machine and one that will ring all the appropriate bells for commuters who want the full turnkey package for an all-weather, all-conditions bicycle.


We’ll be swinging by the Breezer booth at Interbike in a couple weeks and will round up more information about this bike (and the rest of Breezer’s commuter line) when we do.


  1. dukiebiddle

    I spy a rear wheel lock.

  2. Iron_Man

    Ooh, she’s a dandy!

  3. Mike Myers

    Nice, nice, NICE!!

  4. Katie

    Do we have anyone on here who has owned a Breezer? I keep hearing rumours about quality issues, as in, they’re OK for casual rides in sunny coastal climes but don’t hold up well in other conditions.

  5. Ghost Rider

    @Katie — I’ve never heard that. In fact, everyone I know who owns a Breezer (3 or 4 friends/fellow bike club members) absolutely loves them!

    I think our own Moe has a Breezer, too. Perhaps he’ll chime in?

  6. Moe

    I no longer own the Breezer, but I never had any issues with it when I owned it.

  7. dwainedibbly

    This looks like w really well thought out bicycle. Anybody know if this is the newer, lighter, Nuvinci?

  8. Ghost Rider

    Yes, this is the new N360…smaller, lighter, wider gearing range.

  9. harry krishna

    couldn’t find a soho locally; maybe i’ll have better luck with this. sure looks like my ticket.

  10. Robert

    Not sure if I would call it a complete “all weather, all conditions bicycle,” but it still looks great and would be a great commuter bike for many who live in cities. If it had disc brakes, it would be even better. Maybe they will have a disc version in the future….

  11. karen

    Katie: I ride a Breezer Uptonw 8 and love it! My husband has one as well. I am considering their folding bike as well. The only issue I’ve had has been with the lighting system, which quit on me. Apparently a screw was “too tight” and it was quickly repaired at the bike shop where I purchased it.

  12. 2whls3spds

    My biggest problem with Breezer has been lack of distribution in my part of the country (Southeast) as well as not finding any models in stores in other parts of the country that I have visited, in fact I have yet to see a Breezer in person!

    I am one of those people who wants to see things before I put down my hard earned money.

    This bike does look like a nice addition to the line up.


  13. LTY

    Please tell me that it will be available as a step-through…

  14. Ghost Rider

    Yes, a step-through Breezer Infinity will be available. There’s a photo of it on their website.

  15. Justin Olson

    My wife rides a 2004 Breezer Villager with the 7 speed Shimano Nexus hub. It is a fantastic bike. I recommend it to everyone I know. Speaking of which, you should own one too.

    I personally do not own one because I bought my bike (1994 Raleigh C40) used a few months before learning about the Breezer. I have no complaints about my bike and have added a few components after observing my wife’s bike (fenders, Shimano dynamo hub and Busch/Muller lights, rear rack). I cannot therefore justify replacing it. But some day I will and when I do, it will be with a Breezer.

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