Interbike 2010: Movmoda

The boys were all a buzz about the Movmoda fliers that were being passed around so I headed over to see what all the excitement was about.

Cycling lingerie? Really?!?! Well, here is what they have to offer and I am curious to know if ladies would really be interested in wearing this for their rides? The apparel is marketed to wear by itself or under you regular cycling clothing.



Sports bra.

Yes, this is a thong for cycling.

The apparel seemed to be made of nice fabrics – made in Italy, uv protection, eco-friendly and moisture wicking.
You can find lots more pics on their site. There’s no pictures of women wearing these items while RIDING their bike though…..


  1. Ben

    What!!…no real women in these outfits?…..

  2. D of Carpinteria, Ca.

    Are you kidding Ben “Quit playing”. Yes real Women do wear these outfits. This product is really taking off. The Bandeau Bra and spin shorts are great when cycling from SB to Carp.

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