Sharrow Vests From Caleb’s Creations

Do you do any nighttime commuting? Want to give yourself a bit more visibility? Well, look no further — Michael Ploch from Caleb’s Creations is rolling out some screamingly-visible “sharrow vests”:


On a standard polyester safety vest with sewn-on reflective bands, Michael is hot-pressing everyone’s favorite USDOT pavement symbol, the sharrow, in reflective pigment. A “Share The Lane” slogan appears at the bottom of the vest. Michael has these available online for $30 by clicking this link:

He will also have a booth at the upcoming Bicycle Bash by the Bay on November 7th, and promises to have a number of other visibility goodies for sale. I’ve seen a couple of previews, and am really liking what I saw!

Sure, you could go to your generic big-box home improvement store and pick up a safety vest for less, but in that $30 you’ll be shelling out for the Caleb’s Creations model, you’ll also be supporting bicycle advocacy in the Tampa Bay area, as a portion of the proceeds goes directly to Bay-area bicycle advocacy groups. Believe me, even if you’re not from the Tampa Bay area, that money is sorely needed to promote transportational cycling in our region. Besides, the generic safety vest is SO boring without the cool sharrow logo and slogan! Best of all, you can look like me, and that’s worth way more than a paltry thirty bucks!!!


What are you waiting for? Crack open those wallets and get to it!


  1. BicycleBash

    You have a promising future as a sharrow vest model! Great write-up.

  2. RL

    Haha, you and Al look like you’re taking a leak on the wall.

  3. Raiyn

    Are those the mesh kind?

  4. Ghost Rider

    Ha! It DOES look like that!

    @Raiyn — the vests are made of a light polyester fabric…it’s not mesh.

  5. BicycleBash

    @Ralyn — Jack and I were wearing a solid fabric but mesh vests are also available.

  6. Cycling for Beginners

    Wow, those look great! I recently wrote an article on cycling at night on my blog, and a safety vest really does make a difference (nice having something that doesn’t need batteries)! What I really like about these sharrow vests is that they have a LOT more reflective material on the back than the generic safety vest that I have. These are really eye-catching!

  7. Clancy

    I like the bike and sharrows, but the text could be more dangerous if a driver actually tries to read it

  8. Moby

    Clancy, I think drivers have a lot of text and graphics out there on signs they are used to reading. I doubt that having some words on this vest will impact how much safer you’ll be in the first place with so much reflective material. Safety first!

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