Rainy Day Biking reflective fender mudflaps

Last month, we got a pair of reflective mudflaps from Rainy Day Biking. They come in red or white.


They’re not just reflective, though. They use engineering-grade prismatic reflective material. It’s the same stuff used on emergency vehicles and high-quality road signs!

A front mudflap keeps road grime away from your feet and downtube. The closer to the ground it reaches, the better it works. On the rear wheel, a mudflap dramatically decreases the “rooster tail” effect. This is mostly a courtesy to those who may happen to be riding behind you, but with these mudflaps, you’re also giving a highly visible clue to your place on the road. These mudflaps shine like daylight.

I mounted them to the Planet Bike Cascadia fenders on my daily commuter. Admittedly, these fenders already have integrated mudflaps, but I’ve had several other pairs of flapless fenders. I bolted the front mudflap to the outside of the stock one, because the stock one is so long it would almost completely obscure the reflective material. I found that mounting it this way allows the reflective mudflap to move around a bit. During my testing, I drilled a second hole and added another bolt to hold it sturdily into place.

I mounted the rear mudflap in the recommended way, inside the fender (and inside the rear mudflap, on my bike) which resulted in a much sturdier mounting due to the way the internal curvature of the fender grips the new mudflap.

To test, I even whipped out my cheap camera phone, which features a tiny, dim LED as a “flash”. This dim light was more than enough to completely wash out the photo. To the right, you can also see the reflective piping of my seat wedge.

I also leaned my bike up against a sign in my parking lot and hit it with my car’s low-beams from about 100 yards. They light up just as bright as my PlanetBike SuperFlash tail light, but cover much more area. Reflective material shouldn’t be used in place of proper lighting, but every bit helps. These, combined with my reflective vest, SuperFlash and FlashBak safety light makes for a bike that’s really difficult to ignore.


  1. Apertome

    Pretty neat!

  2. Steve A

    Now you have to worry about where the newly blinded motorists swerve to!

  3. Ghost Rider

    I love ’em! That’s a great idea, and actually gives me some ideas for a couple DIY projects, too.

  4. Bomber

    They are nice, if you want to make your own, you can buy those reflictive stickers that they use on trailers at your local walmart. Check the automotive seciton, you can just sickem on your fenders or on any shape then cut as needed. -Bomber

  5. harry krishna

    timely tip. i’m already seeing poorly lit cyclists. at least “get thee to walmart”.

  6. 479 Gear

    Urban cyclists we need your help! We’re students at a small school in North West Arkansas and we need feedback from urban cyclers for our senior business plan. Would you take less than 3 minutes to fill out our survey? We appreciate your help!

  7. Raiyn

    @ 479 No, for several reasons, only a few of which I’ll explain here.

    1) You chose to spam us rather than ask one of the admin for permission – which could have landed you a legit topic heading of your very own.

    2) You limit participants to single answers to your generic product based questions. I own multiple bikes and use multiple locks but you limit your responses to one per question.

    3) The various policies involved in your “community covenant” No dancing? Someone call Kevin Bacon STAT!

  8. Ghost Rider

    @479 — ditto to what Raiyn said. Your survey instrument is poorly-designed…but you know, all you had to do was ask one of us and we could have a) helped you develop a better survey and b) post it in a separate article so you’d get more responses.

  9. RL


    Since 479 spammed us, we’d have to charge for that survey to be posted as article.. 🙂


  10. Ghost Rider

    Yep, if he asks NOW we’ll have to charge our standard consulting fee. 😉

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