First Look: Light & Motion Vis 360º

At Interbike last month, Light & Motion introduced the Vis 180º and Vis 360º commuter lights. They were kind enough to send us a Vis 360 to review. I’ll save the all-lit-up photos and beam shots for the final review. The Vis 360 comes as a headlight and combination battery pack, reflector and tail light held together with a coiled wire. It’s designed to be helmet-mounted and comes with all the hardware you’d need to mount it to pretty much any helmet. The light is charged via USB, and it charges fully in about five hours.
L&M Vis 360

L&M Vis 360

The days are getting shorter, so I’ll be putting this light through its paces in the coming weeks. The headlight is rated at 115 Lumens, which is very bright for a “to be seen” light but probably not bright enough for high speed road riding after dark. We’ll be back in a few weeks with the final results.

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  1. Ghost Rider

    Where is the battery? Is it inside the taillight assembly?

  2. Noah

    It’s all contained in the tail light, which you plug into a USB cable for charging. There’s even a battery level display (in the form of a small multi-color LED) on the tail light. Green=Full Amber=3/4, Red=1/2 and Blinking Red=Low (1/4)

  3. Mike Myers

    I did a very dark commute with my Dinotte 5w light for a year. It put out 120 lumens and was very bright. More lumens are usually better, but 110 is just fine, IMHO.

  4. Bicycle Lights

    These lights are really good. they provide the rider with a clear visibility during the dark conditions. Such lights are good because they are a forms of reflectors and or a reusable source of light. moreover using it on the helmet gives a unique touch and a desirable view. i like ur blog

  5. jeff kreegan

    Quite the elegant commuter lighing solution. Certainly bright enough for any commutes and even more importantly – SAFE – with light emitting to the side and to the rear, I can feel confident that the cars will see me. I don’t have to worry about whether my rear blinky light got turned in the wrong direction, etc. I also got their Vis 180 for extra visibility – you just can’t trust the cars these days – too many ghost bikes sitting on street corners after accidents. I got a bunch of Vis 360’s for gifts last xmas and everybody LOVES them.

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