Which is better? Craigslist or Ebay

I’ve been a fan of both sites. In recent months I’ve purchased items through Ebay such as Members Only Jackets, bike tools and many more. I’ve also used Craigslist (CL) to find things that I’d want to buy. However, when it comes to selling items, I lean more towards CL than Ebay.

Why? For starters, CL is free. Plus you don’t have to worry about shipping since your buyers are typically local. However, Ebay does offer worldwide exposure, and you have more chances of selling your item(s) at a higher price. But there are fees associated with Ebay and Paypal…

So, let me get your opinion, which is better in your book? Ebay or CL? Are there any other sites or services that can help you sell your bike stuff faster and with a higher profit?