Are you Sentimental too?

On our sister site,, we posted an article asking our readers what bicycle related item(s) are they not willing to part with.

I mentioned that I’ve had a mountain bike frame for 9 years and has switched owners during that time period but it made it back to me. One thing I do need mention would by my Xtracycle. My Freeradical kit has gone through a few donor bikes seen below:

Ibex RSR

Ibex Alpine

Now in its current state, the Sette Reken

There was a good 1.5 year time period in which I didn’t use my Xtracycle. So I had considered selling it. But on the advice of my wife and Moe, I decided to keep it.

What about you, what are you not willing to part with? Is it a classic road bike? Or a bike you had in College? Share your thoughts!


  1. chiggins

    That RSR version was super sweet lookin’. I’m a sucker for those kinda beach-cruiser-lines.

    We’ve got two Xtras, and part of me thinks that someday when the critters are old enough to ride their own bikes we won’t need both. On top of that, one of them’s a Karate Monkey, and I always feel like it’s a shame that frame’s yoked to a cargo-hauler on 26″ wheels instead of running free in the dirt on 29’s. But it is a by-gawd beauty of an Xtra, and I don’t know how I’m gonna bring myself to take it apart.

    Maybe I’ll find an RSR that’ll be happy to take its place!

  2. RL Policar (Post author)


    I did like the RSR. That too went through a few projects. I built it as a 27sp mtn bike, then the xtracyle then it was a single speed. Sold it..but kinda wish I didn’t. Ibex is no longer in business…too bad.

  3. Ghost Rider

    Reposting from the other article:

    I wish I could have hung onto a lot of the bikes I’ve owned over the years…a Vitus 979, the Rocky Mountain MTB I had in the late 80s, etc.

    The one that HAS hung on with me is the Bianchi/Piaggio Rekord road bike I purchased brand-new at the Bianchi factory store in Milan with money from my first job (back in 1983). Here it is:

    The only original parts are the frame, fork and headset cups, but I love that bike as much as I did the day I bought it. I’ve tried to convince my wife to let me hang it over the fireplace, but she ain’t havin’ it.

    Another bike that I’ve owned a total of FIVE times is still with me (to stay, this time) is a 1984 Trek road bike, purchased from a co-worker in 1993 not long after I moved to Florida. That one is here:

    The story behind it is here:

    As you can see, the rebuild went nicely…9-speed Campagnolo drivetrain, fresh powdercoat, etc.

    I am NEVER getting rid of my Xtra — I may swap the kit onto another parent frame in the future, but the kit itself is going to my grave with me. I love that thing!!!

  4. Jesse

    I’ve only got one bike and I can’t see parting with it as it’s my only mode of transportation at present. Over the years I’ve had several bikes and the associated accoutrements that came with each…but I’ve also cultivated an utter lack of attachment to STUFF so when the time came to part with them it wasn’t that big a deal. I did take pictures though 😉

  5. Dwainedibbly

    Sentimental? Guilty! I have my old racing bike (Vitus 979) and the Santana Arriva tandem that Mrs Dibbly & I bought new in 1983. We moved cross country and to a much smaller place, but I’m keeping them anyway.

    Ghostrider: if you really want a Vitus 979, a couple of years ago I bought an NOS 979 off eBay with plans to build it up as a nice lightweight city bike, but I never got around to it. Email me at (my name) at if you’re interested. I’m not in a hurry to sell it, but we really don’t have room for it in our new place here and if I part with it I’d like to see it go to someone with a 979 history.

  6. Ghost Rider

    Dwaine…I’ll definitely consider it. Of course, my wife will kill me if I start ANOTHER bike-build project!

  7. Elizabeth

    I cannot part with my purple bike! It’s the my bike that I dug out of my parents’ garage and started using for commuting. Sentimental always.

  8. BluesCat

    What?? WHAT?!??!

    My bikes are my CHILDREN! I’d sooner part with my SON than my Sun … or my Giant … or my Batavus … or even the Specialized my son re-gifted BACK to me!

  9. C.J.

    My Chris Chance ‘Slim Chance’ road bike has been with me 15(? years. Heck I’ve had it repainted and new decals once already during this time and it looks like new still. Mixture of Campy Record and Chorus, nice riding steel frame and it fits me perfect. It’s a keeper.

  10. Rick

    I rode a rickety 1976 Schwinn Varsity in college, from 1998-2002. It sat and rusted in my parents’ backyard until 2008. Then, I stripped it, repainted it, and rebuilt it into a city bike, and I can’t imagine getting rid of it.

  11. gintertcinakr

    I too have a late 70’s Schwinn Varsity that I purchased in college to ride to class! It was $35 when I got it in 2003 and I’m sure its worth about $2.50 after being neglected in various driveways, basements, and garages since I graduated. I gave it to someone to put in a yard sale earlier this year, but after suffering weeks of guilt and grief I tracked it down and brought it home. I’m hoping to rebuild it this winter into a city bike as well. There’s no way I’d give it up now.

  12. Mike

    It’s all about the stories we create with them!
    I have an older Montague folding bike that I loved but was slightly too small for me. I bought a taller one and gave the smaller one to my son for transportation. Once he bought a car he gave it back to me just as my wife and I were training for the Columbia Muddy Buddy. We needed a bike we could trash so we used it. It came through with flying colors on two competitions and now my wife loves it. Now it’s a cherished member of the collection and would be difficult to part with.

  13. Big Dan

    The bike I cannot part with is my 1974 Peugeot PX10E. In very good condition, set up for commuting with rear rack/panniers,
    lights, and fenders during the wet months. It has such a sweet buttery ride, handles so nice, a real joy to be on. Recently
    installed a Velo Orange French bottom bracket and KHS Compact cranks. It’s been a keeper for 36 years!

  14. Andrea

    My mom’s 85 Peugeot, other than the breath of life, this would be the best gift she’s ever given me.

  15. Ghost Rider

    Having seen that Peugeot in person, I can say it’s a keeper!

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