Are you Sentimental too?

On our sister site,, we posted an article asking our readers what bicycle related item(s) are they not willing to part with.

I mentioned that I’ve had a mountain bike frame for 9 years and has switched owners during that time period but it made it back to me. One thing I do need mention would by my Xtracycle. My Freeradical kit has gone through a few donor bikes seen below:

Ibex RSR

Ibex Alpine

Now in its current state, the Sette Reken

There was a good 1.5 year time period in which I didn’t use my Xtracycle. So I had considered selling it. But on the advice of my wife and Moe, I decided to keep it.

What about you, what are you not willing to part with? Is it a classic road bike? Or a bike you had in College? Share your thoughts!