“Cat 6” Commuter Racing?

Here’s a bizarre article rambling around the bicycle Interpipes:

Cyclists have a joke about “racing in cat 6″ which, despite the name, is not exactly a race nor does it refer to an official category of cyclists. Cat 6 refers to commuter cyclists, and racing each other to work is their sport. Also called “the great commuter race” and “hipster racing,” cat-6 racing is the unspoken urban tradition of trying to go faster than, and not get passed by, a stranger on your bike.

From GOOD, via Prolly (via Bike Snob NYC)

We featured a guest article way back in March 2008 that gave the skinny on competitive commuting — apparently our guest writer Jack Elder was onto something!

I had no idea such a thing went on! I admit that when I see a cyclist far ahead of me on my commuting route, I will race to catch up because a) our bike community is rather small here in Tampa and I might just know the person ahead of me…and it’s always nice to say hi to a bike friend and b) I rarely wear my corrective eyeglasses while riding, so I have no idea who someone is until I’m right up on them. I don’t try to blow past to show my mad cycling prowess, I just want to see who it is.

Any Cat 6 commuter racers out there? Anyone experienced this?

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