Build your own repair shop posted a great article on some of the basic items you’ll need to build up a shop in your garage so you can do repairs on your own bikes.

I’m not necessarily speaking in terms of selling bicycles out of your garage, but a place where you can wrench on your own bike and perhaps a few of your friend’s bikes. For those that have been to my tornado torn garage, they’ll know that I’ve got a pretty messy set up, but it works for me. Here’s a few tips to help you create your own repair shop.

1. Basic tools. You can find your most basic tool kit from online retailers like, and etc. They generally run about $45-$50 per kit. These tool kits usually has most of the items you’ll need to work on bikes such as a cassette tool, chain whip, bottom bracket tool and a set of allen wrenches just to name a few.

Read the whole article HERE.

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