Welcome to Bikecommuters.com — A Checkpoint for the Yehuda Moon Virtual Alleycat

Welcome to our site…one of the checkpoints for the Yehuda Moon Virtual Alleycat, powered by Cyclelicious. Stay awhile; we’ve got a ton of stuff for you to browse through in our archives…

For the racers among you, the checkpoint is hidden in one of our articles. Here’s a clue: the article is about something competitive that bicycle commuters like to do while we’re riding to and from work. Oh, and if you’re stumped, don’t be afraid to use the search box located in the upper right corner of our homepage…it works pretty well. Good luck and happy racing!

About the author

Bicycle commuter since 1989, bicycle enthusiast for 30+ years. I am a Bookmobile/Books By Mail librarian at a large library system and the proud father of two wonderful boys.