Welcome to — A Checkpoint for the Yehuda Moon Virtual Alleycat

Welcome to our site…one of the checkpoints for the Yehuda Moon Virtual Alleycat, powered by Cyclelicious. Stay awhile; we’ve got a ton of stuff for you to browse through in our archives…

For the racers among you, the checkpoint is hidden in one of our articles. Here’s a clue: the article is about something competitive that bicycle commuters like to do while we’re riding to and from work. Oh, and if you’re stumped, don’t be afraid to use the search box located in the upper right corner of our homepage…it works pretty well. Good luck and happy racing!


  1. sinred

    #9125 sinred

  2. Richard Masoner

    @sinred — this page isn’t the checkpoint; it’s elsewhere.

    A big hint: “cat 6 racing”

  3. locus

    locus # 2537

  4. Ghost Rider

    Wrong spot, Locus…

  5. Mr. Wakiki

    definately has to be check point, says so

  6. Microzen


    Huff, puff, am I getting the Red lantern? I still gotta pick up that cat 6 clue.

  7. jatravartid

    Alleycat #2957
    bye, Borcsa

  8. Nic Nelson

    Um, another hint: look in the left gutter under “Recent Comments”. Hmm, which article is getting multiple comments? 😉

  9. Ben

    Ben #9356

    Can I be featured on your site. I can send you a picture in my big yellow snowsuit I ride with in the winter.

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