New Year…New Goals?

We hope the new year finds you well — and once again we’d like to thank all of our sponsors for helping us keep running and to thank our many readers; for without you, this place would be no fun at all! We appreciate the many comments, emails and other feedback both here and on our Facebook fan page. Thanks for keeping us engaged, offering your own insights into bike commuting, submitting your commuter profiles and for generally just keeping us honest!

We’ve got some great things coming up in 2011…perhaps some new site features, maybe a new look to the site (I’m being intentionally vague as I don’t want to give away any surprises; you’ll just have to keep tuning in to see what’s in store). We’ve got a new “Karate Kid” in the form of Vince Rodarte and we’re very excited about that — he should have some great stuff up in the coming months. On a personal note, my family is preparing for a physical change of venue…and if things go the way the historical weather record for the new area says they should, I’ll be commuting in the SNOW for the first time in 20+ years.

Now that the new year is here, we’re curious: do any of you set goals for the year? Any New Year’s resolutions you want to share? I generally don’t do this — I subscribe to the Alexander Pope school of thought: “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” Anyhow, if you’re up to it, we’d love to hear about any goals, milestones or resolutions you aim to conquer in 2011. Just drop ’em in the comment area.


  1. tamara

    My primary goal is to ride a super-randonneur…basically a 200K, 300K, 400K, 600K, and 1200K ride in one year.

  2. Jay

    In 2010 I rode 4,429 miles. With crazy-like 50+ degree temperatures in Chicago on December 31, I contemplated heading out to ride another 71 miles for a nice, even 4,500 on the year, but ultimately I stayed in and drank beer.

    My only goal for 2011 is more. Both miles and beer.

  3. Raiyn

    We’re planning on an S24O before Hurricane season. What am I supposed to do without my Bike Bash buddy?

  4. Jim Tolar

    my goal for 2011 is 3000+ bike-commuting miles. I did 2450 in 2010, so I think this is doable. If you can’t ride almost every day in Phoenix, where could you possibly ride every day?


  5. Dacius

    I hope to eclipse 10,000 miles biking this year. I was close last year at 9,678 miles. I wussed out last year in January and February because of the cold. Not this year!!!

  6. Marion

    My goal for 2011, is to commute to work (15 miles round trip) at least 100 times this year. I started today (27 degrees). From my house to work is all urban riding (St. Louis, MO) Starting out at 5 am, to avoid alot of traffic and it gets me home by 3 pm. thanks for the web site….see you on the road.

  7. Jack Bulkley

    My cycle commuting goals are 150 days of bike commuting and over 6000 miles. Just to get my geek on, I want to end on a prime number of miles since 2011 is a prime number. My commute will give me about 3750 miles. The rest will be a century a month and various group and charity rides.

    Today was the first commute. It was 25 degrees this morning but will be about 50 this afternoon.

  8. Rob E.

    My goal was to commute by bike on 75% of my commutes. I came into December right at the mark, but in December I got a seasonal job which made that 20 minutes I save by taking the bus much more valuable and, more importantly, ruined my flexible schedule meaning that I /had/ to be at the office on time because I /had/ to leave right on time for Job #2. As a result, I had considerably fewer AM rides in December, dropping me just below my goal… I think. The system I used to track my commutes also went kaput in November, so I’ve had to remember to manually record them, which I do not always do. So did I set a goal? Yes. Did I meet the goal? Probably not. But that’s okay, because I just set the same goal again this year instead of upping the ante.
    I don’t want to argue with Alexander Pope, but sometimes my primary incentive for riding in in the morning was just thinking about how it would affect my numbers. Silly for sure, but whatever works.

  9. Andrea

    My goal is to learn how to do more mechanical things with my bike…I guess I won’t be asking you for help anymore! 😛

  10. Patrick

    I’m so saddened by the state of BikeCommuters. At one time, it was one of my favorite sites. This site has become a joke. I used to look at this site all the time for informative reviews and articles about bike commuting. Lately, it seems everything is just about getting the comment count up. Here’s your much wanted comment. Sadly, I won’t be back.

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